January WiCSter of the Month

We're excited to introduce our amazing WiCSter of the month for January, ✨Lucy Liu✨! @its_lucy1027

Lucy is a freshman majoring in computer science💻 ( Honors College and CS Honors Program🧠🧠) and she plans on minoring in Engineering and Technology Entrepreneurship. 😮📈

Outside of WiCS, she hopes to stop being lazy🛌 and get back on the Running Club and start high jumping again. 👟

During her free time, she likes to go jim🏋️ (I love leg days🦵), eat🍽️, cook👩‍🍳, hang out with friends, and play the piano🎹.

Favorite programming language: Java
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Matcha🍵
Favorite Movies: "Love, Rosie" and any Disney/Pixar movie (you're never too old for a Disney or Pixar movie!!)
Favorite Spoken Language: Mandarin