Meet the new 2021-2022 Eboard Members!

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Cindy is a sophomore pursuing Computer Science with a strong interest in front-end web development. On campus, she works as a student consultant for the SINC Sites and student assistant for CELT. 
        Cindy greatly enjoyed the WiCS mentoring program. She said she would’ve never gotten out of her comfort zone and run for treasurer without the encouragement of her mentor. Cindy is also a member of SWE and a part of the WISE SLC. 
        Cindy is a cat person and hopes to adopt either a Javanese or Siberian cat after she gets an apartment of her own. She is also taking SPN 111 and MUS 122 to pursue her other interests - learning Spanish and the piano. Kayla Fang is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Digital Arts. She is part of the WISE honors program and the computer science departmental honors program.  
        Kayla interned at HKP Solutions, Sparks Within Reach, and Cultured Kids Cuisine. For extracurriculars, Kayla joined WiCS and the Stony Brook Robotics Team (SBRT) during her freshman year. 
        She really enjoyed her experience here at WiCS and is extremely excited to be a part of the eboard this year!
        In her free time, she likes to read, journal, and cook.  Kayla also loves spending time with friends and family. 
        Favorite ice cream flavor: Vanilla Jendy is a sophomore majoring in computer science and minoring in digital arts. She is part of the computer science honors program and 
        is passionate about empowering more women to join the field of CS. 
        During her freshmen year she interned at the New York Historical Society, teaching high school girls how to program a video game using P5.js.
        Jendy has been part of WICS as a general body member, event committee organizer, and now as a webmaster.
        She is excited about meeting WICS members in person and forming connections with them. 
        In her free time she likes to sleep, crochet, read web toons, and most of all, hang out with friends. Sammi is a sophomore majoring in computer science with a passion for empowering women in the STEM field.
        During her freshman year she worked as an Android Frontend Intern at HKP Solutions. She is also a part of the Tech Business and Development VIP team here at Stony.
        Over the summer she worked at Techie Youth and learned a bit of web dev. Sammi loved WiCS game nights because it allowed her to meet and bond with new people.
        Sammi has been a part of WiCS for a year. This will be her first year being on e-board. 
        She is extremely excited for what may come this academic year at WiCS. Sammi is constantly listening to music. You can probably find her asleep listening to songs. 
        Despite this she can’t remember the titles of any songs for the life of her. She also has a hobby of editing videos and collecting stationary.
        During her free time she is probably spending time with friends, scrolling through tiktok, or not watching the shows shes been recommended. Ashley is a rising sophomore majoring in Computer Science! She's basic and is learning React and (trying to,,,) grind leetcode. 
        Ashley also likes green tea flavored anything and overanalyzing media. Tina is a junior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in History. She has been active in WiCS since her freshman year, 
        previously as an Event Committee Member and Vice President, and now as President. 
        Her favorite WiCS events were HackHealth and the Thanksgiving Potluck with SBCS, and she is excited to make more WiCS memories this year! 
        In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at an animal shelter, listening to podcasts, and exploring art museums around New York City. 
        She also spends a lot of time with her dog, Pomie. Christina is a senior majoring in Computer Science and specializing in Human-Computer Interaction. 
        In the past, she's done accessibility research at Carnegie Mellon and published papers at ASSETS 2019 and CHI 2020. This year, she is also a WISE Mentor.
        Christina has been involved in WiCS since her freshman year, previously as Event Committee Member, Secretary, Webmaster, and now PR Secretary. 
        Her favorite part of WiCS is definitely the community and fun events, especially HackHealth! She's stoked to see all the new faces and for what's in store this year!
        In her free time, Christina enjoys painting, playing ukulele, listening to music, playing Genshin Impact, and spending time with friends and family. 
        Mango and durian are her favorite fruits and her favorite animal are penguins. Sabrina is a senior pursuing Applied Mathematics & Statistics and Information Systems with a double concentration in Systems & Networks and Finance. 
        Her passion lies at the intersection of tech & finance and she is an aspiring Technical Product/Program Manager. 
        Sabrina interned at Mastercard this summer and will be interning with NBCUniversal this fall. 
        Sabrina has been a part of WiCS since her freshman year, serving as Event Committee Member, Event Committee Chair, and now Vice President. 
        The club brings her great joy and she enjoys bonding with other WiCSters. She is also involved in the CEAS Peer Mentoring Program and is excited to be a Lead Mentor. 
        Outside of academic and student org commitments, she also balances an on-campus job under DoIT as an Audio Visual Classroom Support Technician, 
        implementing different software and technologies to improve the learning experience across lecture halls and classrooms on campus.
        During her free time, she enjoys learning languages, listening to music, watching shows/dramas, and embarking on food adventures with friends. 
        Strawberry and green tea are her favorite flavors! Jenny is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and is especially interested in AI research. 
        She joined WiCS her freshman year when GBMs and events were virtual and is more than ecstatic to attend and host in person WiCS events this year!
        When she has free time, Jenny enjoys reading philosophy books, playing video games, and solving HackerRank problems. 
        Her favorite programming language is Python and she is currently learning SQL.