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International Workshop on Volume Graphics

June 21-22, 2001

Stony Brook, USA



The advances in volume visualization over the past decades, coupled with the rapid increase in computer power, suggest that volume visualization may be developed into volume graphics, as a general purpose graphics technology. In order to explore further the potential of volume-based techniques, especially beyond the scope of volume visualization, it is necessary to bring together researchers and applications developers from both the academic and industry sectors who are working, or wish to work, on volume-based graphics techniques. The objective of this workshop is therefore to provide the international computer graphics community with a platform to: 
  • assess and review the developments of techniques for volume-based modeling, rendering, manipulation and applications. 
  • develop a scientific framework for the research and development in volume graphics as an emerging sub-field of computer graphics, and compile a clear picture of existing knowledge and topics for further investigation. 
  • challenge researchers in areas of volume visualization and other volume-based graphics work to develop their work further in order to impact on the mainstream computer graphics, and to explore a wider range of applications.

Workshop Themes

The program committee of the workshop is seeking research papers and proposals for panel discussions concerning all aspects of volume graphics. Contributions that review the existing techniques in certain aspects and provide forward looking into the future development are also welcome. Topics of interest for the workshop include (but are not limited to): 
Volume Based Modeling Volume Rendering
Complex and multi-volume scenes Volume rendering hardware
Image-based 3D modeling Direct volume rendering
Frequency-domain modeling Voxel-based radiosity
Physically based modeling Illumination
Motion and Deformation Reflection and refraction
Mathematical Foundations Shadowing
Standards for volume-based representations Texture mapping
Non-photorealistic rendering
Parallel and distributed rendering
Data Acquisition and Manipulation Applications and Case Studies
Digitization Medical imaging and surgical planning
Voxelization and surface reconstruction Forensic science
Segmentation and feature extraction Scientific computation
Compression Entertainment industry
Distortion and morphing Internet-based applications
Interaction and GUI design Collaborative visualization


Paper Submission

Submit a full-length paper (the page limit of the final paper will be 10 pages with 1" margins and 9 pt font, double-column format, plus one color plate). Electronic submission is encouraged. Further details are available here.


You may download the full text of the Call For Papers in the following formats: 
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