CSE667: Design and Analysis Research Seminar
Spring 2003 Schedule

Jan 29. Lorenzo Alvisi, University of Texas at Austin.
Do we have a quorum?

Feb 5. Yifei Dong.
Evidence Exploration for Model Checking

Feb 12. Distinguished Lecture by David Patterson, U.C. Berkeley.

Feb 19 Gleb Naumovich, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY.
Static computation of permission flow in Java programs

Feb 26 Distinguished Lecture by Daniel Jackson, MIT.

Mar 7. Special Date and Time! Friday, 11am.
Tobias Nipkow, Technische Universität München.
Proving Pointer Programs in Higher-Order Logic

Mar 14 (Friday), 2pm. Guizhen Yang.
Semantic Web Information Processing: from Semistructured Data to Structural Knowledge

Mar 19. Spring Break!

Mar 28 (Friday), 2pm, Room 2311. Samik Basu.
Compositional Analysis for Verification of Parameterized Systems

Apr 2. Angelos D. Keromytis, New York University.
Efficient, DoS-Resistant, Secure Key Exchange for Internet Protocols. OR: Just Fast Keying (JFK)"

Apr 9. No Seminar. Please join the Stony Brook contingent at ETAPS!

Apr 16. No Classes (Passover).

Apr 23. Annie Liu.
From Rules to Analysis Programs with Time and Space Guarantees

Apr 30. Room 2311. Trent Jaeger, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.
Verifying the Correctness of the Linux Security Modules Framework

May 7. Ganesan Ramalingam, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.
Shallow Finite State Verification: Abstraction Techniques and Complexity Results

May 12 (Monday), 2pm, Room 2311. Fritz Henglein, DIKU (Computer Science Dept, Univ of Copenhagen).
Document Value Model: Value-oriented Programming for the Internet

May 16 (Friday), 2pm. Deepak D'Souza, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
Checking consistency of SDL+MSC specifications