Shoaib Sheriff

StonyBrook University, NY · (631) 703-7800 ·

I have worked with numerous technologies encompassing Android, Front-end, Databases, Big data and Linux kernels. I am also certified in Machine Learning and have completed a few projects on Computer Vision.


Technical Lead

Samsung R&D Institude India, Bangalore

Proposed, developed and delivered multiple features for Samsung Health. Managed a team of 2 junior developers.

Apr 2014 - Aug 2018

Senior Software Engineer

Mindtree Ltd, Bangalore

Worked at client location (Unilever) on a product to manage real-time retail database transactions. Collaborated with a Bluetooth printer team to integrate functionality with kernel level .so driver libraries.

Jul 2013 - Apr 2014

Associate IT Consultant, Bangalore

ITC Infotech India Ltd.

App to show trending items. Features included Facebook, Twitter authorization, Google cloud messaging, a custom photo scrolling interface.

Jul 2011 - Jul 2013


State University of Stony Brook at New York

Master of Science
Computer Science

GPA: 3.5

Aug 2018 - Present

St. Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore

Bacheler of Engineering
Electronics & Communication

First Class with Distinction

August 2007 - June 2011


Programming Languages
  • Android, Tizen, HTML5/CSS3
  • Hadoop, Apache Spark, SQL
  • Pytorch, Keras, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Seaborn
  • Linux kernel
  • Git, Perforce, Agile development


External Internship in ML & AI foundation

Inkers Technology
Credential Id : EIP-01-079
Aug 2018

Algorithm's specialization by Stanford University

Credential Id : J56HVX4N79FB
Aug 2017

Machine learning by Stanford University

Credential Id : QN5DX6TTP4CB
Jun 2016


Methods and systems for controlling access privileges to an electronic device

Patent No : TEMP/E-1/39596/2018-CHE
Application no : 2018410336372
Nov 2018

Method of providing assistance to perform one or more functions in a user device

Patent No : TEMP/E-1/7017/2018-CHE
Application no : 201841006772
Feb 2018

A Musical Guidance System for Ergogenic Benefits in Workouts

Future Technologies Conference 2017
Vancouver, Canada
Nov 2017


  • Spot award @ Samsung - Apr 2017
  • 3rd place - Samsung Health Ideathon 2017
  • Employee of the month @ Samsung - Dec 2016
  • Employee of the month @ Samsung - Jan 2016