Sreevathsan Ravichandran

Graduate Research Assistant and Student at Stony Brook University, doing MS in Computer Science. Actively Looking for job opportunities in software/application development. Enjoys working with data - extract information, visualize and analyze. Looking forward to develop career in developing web applications in data track.

Attributes: Hunger to learn, Apply learning, Team Player, Focussed to get the work done, Enthusiastic, Motivated, Energetic, Proactive, Organized, Optimistic

Technical Area
Data Science, Data Analytics, Web Application Development, Software Development, User Interfaces
Basket Ball, Ping-Pong, Swimming, Skating
Web application for the doctorate students in the department to enter their interests and time availability. The admin can assign the teaching assistants for the course based on the applicants preferences. My role was to develop intuitive user interface screens using twitter bootstrap and datatable library. Also, responsible for database design and object modeling.
The project was to develop a web application to monitor the performance of various nodes in the cluster. My responsibility was to design front end screens using Twitter Bootstrap framework and to visualize big data accessed through API in JSON format and develop charts using D3JS framework with the interactions.
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, ASP, IIS, Java, PHP, IBM DB2, IBM Cognos, Lotus Script
Vidur is the customized project management web application developed and maintained within IBM for ATT client to track the projects.
Implemented: Project issues tracking, work-flow management user interface, Notifications, LDAP Authentication, Audit trail.
Responsible for: Requirement gathering through development, testing, deployment until the delivery phase of the projects.
Recognized for: Developing a mechanism to automate the data feed across the firewall using Lotus Script.
Release Management team manages the software project intake and release to the clients. Responsible for: To Schedule, moderate PIF Meetings and collaborate with Dev leads and clients to collect the TCP0 estimate. To work with various stakeholders of the project to carry out the software project releases from IBM to ATT. Recognized for : Developing web application to automate release management tasks and migrate excel based works to web based.
As part of Data Science course project, our (team of 4) task was to implement models to predict the price of Oil and Gold one month in advance. Implemented Baseline Models, Advanced Models (Linear auto-regression and regression with economic factors) and futures contracts regression. Responsible for: Implementing model using the python libraries and evaluate model, compare and visualize error plots.
Project Link (with live predictor) :
As part of course project, our (team of 4) task was to analyze the big data of medical images of tissue cells. Geometric and Texture features were generated and analyzed. My part was to extract geometric features for slides and visualize the intersection between two nuclei in tissue slides. I also developed web application to interface with Python(geometric features) and Matlab (image features).
The project attributes the patient to the physicians based on their medical notes. The physicians are ranked using perceptron algorithm. Responsibility: Understand the data to derive parsing rules from the patient medical notes, rebuilt the parser as per new requirement. Eclipse is the IDE used and Oracle database is used at backend.
Anokha is the inter-college technical festival. I worked in a team of 2 members to develop a web application for the event. My responsibility was to design database schema and server side scripting. Technologies used were PHP, mySQL, JQuery for Anokha 2011. For Anokha 2010, a J2EE application using IBM RAD, IBM WebSphere and IBM DB2.
I am already hired by Bloomberg :) :D :)
Thank you very much for visiting my website. An invite on linkedin would keep us in touch.
Graduation Date (Anticipated): May 2015
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  1. The inspiration for this one page model and the javascript framework to build this borrowed from Pete.R. DemoPage, Source Code
  2. Tools Used: Sublime, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, OnePage-Scroll and Twitter Bootstrap
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