My list of people to thank is large enough that I probably missed some. I will try to do enumerate them systematically to minimize omissions, but ask those I've unfairly neglected for absolution.

First, I thank those who made concrete contributions to help me put this book together. Yeseul Lee served as an apprentice on this project, helping with figures, exercises, and more during summer 2016 and beyond. You will see evidence of her handiwork on almost every page, and I greatly appreciate her help and dedication. Aakriti Mittal and Jack Zheng also contributed to a few of the figures.

Students in my Fall 2016 Introduction to Data Science course (CSE 519) helped to debug the manuscript, and they found plenty of things to debug. I particularly thank Rebecca Siford, who proposed over one hundred corrections on her own. Several data science friends/sages reviewed specific chapters for me, and I thank Anshul Gandhi, Yifan Hu, Klaus Mueller, Francesco Orabona, Andy Schwartz, and Charles Ward for their efforts here.


My apprentice student Yeseul Lee helped me enormously with the figures, drawing many of them to specification (and redrawing when my specification changed). Many of these are based on other figures for inspiration or constructed using specific data sets, and I try to give proper credit here:


Several exercises were originated by colleagues or inspired by other sources. Reconstructing the original sources years later can be challenging, but credits for each problem (to the best of my recollection) appear below.