Graffiti to Combinatorica tool
Should compile using gcc. Takes in standard in, and outputs to standard out, so you can stream in and out. This basically prints out what the internal graph is stored as in mathematica, given a Circular Embedding.
To stream in the input, simply:
  << filename.txt
in Mathematica. Similarly, you can stream and append to a file by using the >> operator and the >>> operator respectively.

This allows you to stream it into a variable, ie:
  a = << filename.txt
and then you can freely do whatever you want.

Graph6 to Combinatorica tool
First we need this: readg.c
It was obtained at
Then we can use it with the parameters -eq for edgelist, as follows:
  readg -eq filename.g6 > filename2.txt
Then the following is using this program:
This has the same usage as Graffiti to Combinatorica tool. cse219@larry"> Last modified: Sun Jun 1 02:42:46 EDT 2003