Combinatorica Graph Editor

Combinatorica Graph Editor is a Java Graph Editor designed to work with Combinatorica. It allows the user to open a graph designed in Combinatorica, edit it, and save it to a file that can be opened in Combinatorica.


1.It fully supports all of the graphics options supported by Combinatorica including vertex and edge colors, labels, and weights.
2.It allows you to enter a graph using a mouse, save the graph to a file and open it in Combinatorica for further calculations.
3.It also allows the moving, deletion and addition of additional edges and vertices to graphs that were created in Combinatorica.
4.It has support for multi-graphs, directed graphs, and self-loops.

You can download the latest version of the Graph Editor, try the applet version send me email with questions, comments and bugs, download the latest version of Combinatorica, and go the website for Combinatorica.