CSE 214 - Data Structures

  • Course Time: 9:25-10:20AM Monday-Wednesday-Friday
    Place: 116 Old Chemistry
  • The course TAs are:
    • Jackie Tang, 1207 CS Building, 632-7677 qingtang@cs.sunysb.edu. office hours: Tuesday 4-5PM and Wednesday 4-6PM.
    • Jayabrata Ghosh Dastidar, 1209 CS Building, 632-7679, dastidar@cs.sunysb.edu. office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 2:30-4PM. Jayabrata will be covering all three recitation sections.
    • Tzong-yen Lee, leet@ug.cs.sunysb.edu office hours: Monday 1-3PM and Thursday 4-5PM in the UG Lab.
  • The Midterm 1 for CSE 214 was held Friday, October 10th in class. The high score was 100, the low score 18, and the average 71. The answer key and an early sample midterm are available for interested students.
  • The Midterm 2 for CSE 214 will held Friday, November 21st in class. Sample midterm questions are available for interested students.
  • Laszlo Boeszoermenyi, the author of the Modula-3 book used in 106, 114 and 214 will be visiting our Dept this Wed, Thurs and Fri (11/19-21). He will be presenting a seminar Wed (11/19) at 2pm in the CS Seminar room on persistent sets (including an implemenetation in Modula-3) which you be interested in attending.
  • To hand in your program, use the command ~cse214/handin lab-number section-number filename. The lab-number should be the string ``lab1'', or ``lab2'', ... ``lab5''. The section number should be 1, 2, or 3. Recall that subsequent handins overwrite previous ones.

    All handin's must be done from UG machines, not IC machines. You may use either ``public'' or ``ug'' to do your handins or one of the numbered workstations like ``ws2.ug.cs.sunysb.edu'' through ``ws38.ug.cs.sunysb.edu'' to do your handins. To get to the numbered workstation of your choice, you must telnet directly there and not through ``public'' or ``ug'' -- otherwise you may be refused access if you did not buy an access card.

    If you are using ``public'' or ``ug'', you might run into a bug with the current Modula-3 installation which causes segmentation faults. If this happens to you, you should execute the command ``unsetenv TERMCAP''. This should make the problem go away.

    Make sure that you add the line ``source ~cse214/login'' to your .cshrc file. This will make sure that you have the right path to the Modula-3 libraries. Type ``env'' and check that LD_LIBRARY_PATH exists, and an alias for handin214.

    You should be able to run without making any modifications to your path variable. If you have problems check to see if your .login or .cshrc files are not modifying the path variable from the system default.

    There is a free version of Modula-3 for PC's by Critical Mass which you may wish to play with, if you are brave. Of course, you must still use the handin programs on the UG machines even if you develop it elsewhere.

    There is now an ``easy build'' method of building Modula-3 commands. After making sure you have sourced ~cse214/login (ideally in your .cshrc file), type eb -h for help. To make the program whose main program is in file.m3, type . There is also an ``emacs mode'' for Modula-3 programs -- check out ~cse114/manuals/summary for info. Use at your own risk.

    The original random number generator I used in the public files of Program 3 had too short a period, causing problematic results. I changed it of 11:30AM on October 23, so fetch a new copy of the playpoint.m file for more satisfying results.

    The next CSE 214 Pizza with the Prof will be Wednesday, November 5 at 12PM. Please sign up on the sheet outside my door if you are interested. I would prefer to see new faces, i.e. people who didn't come last time.

    If you have not done so already, please buy the Sedgewick textbook as soon as possible. We are now using it and the bookstore plans to return its copies within a few days.

    Final course grades and raw scores are available here. Course averages and raw scores as of November 26th and grades as of October 30th are still available.

  • On line lecture notes are now available!
  • Course Syllabus
  • Semester Lecture Schedule
  • CSE 214 Honor Policy
  • How to use the Modula-3 compiler
  • Program 1 - DUE 9/15/97 in postscript or troff source.
  • Program 2 - DUE 10/8/97 in postscript or troff source.
  • Midterm 1 sample questions
  • Program 3 - DUE 10/27/97 in postscript or troff source.
  • Program 4 - DUE 11/17/97 in postscript or troff source.
  • Program 5 - DUE 12/12/97 in postscript or troff source.
  • About the Final
  • Final course grades and raw scores are available here.
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