Shubham Patel

700 Health Sciences Drive · Chapin E-1083A, Stony Brook NY 11790 · (631) 538-8220 ·

I am a 3 years experienced developer, currently pursuing my Master's in Computer Science from Stony Brook University. Passionate about obtaining a position that helps me evolve both in technical and professional front while achieving organizational goals in parallel.


Application Engineer

Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.

Worked in DevOps PETAP team under OAL (Oracle Application Labs) on Expenses and Travel module, under both Oracle E-Biz and Fusion (Oracle Public Cloud). Implemented and released to production, custom enhancement, to make expense and cash advances submission, approval, audit and payment process efficient for ~138000 Oracle employees.

June 2015 - July 2018

Teaching Assistant

Stony Brook Univerity

CSE 114 - Introduction to Java, assisted professor in data logging in reporting system, organized and conducted review session for students and helped in grading exams and homework assignments.

August 2018 - December 2018


Stony Brook University

Master of Science
Computer Science

GPA: 3.46

August 2018 - Present

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Technology
Computer Science

CPI: 7.96

July 2011 - May 2015


Languages, Libraries & Tools
  • Python
  • Java
  • C++
  • C
  • PL/SQL
  • Oracle DB
  • Java Script
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • APEX
  • OJet
  • Angular JS
  • Node JS
  • React
  • Oracle Forms
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Pytorch
  • Keras


IoT Security and Verification - Building Vendor Independent Models for IoT Applications

Ongoing project, involves creating VI graph bases model (OpenHab, SmartThings, MUD, IFTTT supported so far). Model detects conflicts/violations, verify it’s correctness and automatically resolved them.

January 2019 - Present

Visual Odometry with Deep Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks

A typical VO pipeline consists of camera calibration, feature detection and extraction, feature matching, outlier removal (RANSAC), motion estimation and local optimisation. All these steps require significant engineering effort and also need fine tuning as per implementation condition. Bypassing this tedious engineering effot, we implemented an end-to-end framework for monocular visual odometry (VO) problem by using the deep RCNNs, using KITTI monocular VO dataset.

November 2018 - December 2018

Image Classification using bag of visual words

Improving baseline tiny image model using bag of SIFT features
Involves KMeans clustering for features, KNN and SVMs model for classification.

November 2018

Action Recognition

Action recognition and classification among 16 classes by analyzing video frames.
Pretrained VDD16 was used for feature extraction and action was recognized/classified using both SVM and LSTM RNN network, accuracy 95.77% and 95.59% resp.

December 2018

Personality Driven Chatbot

A chatbot trained on adapting conversation style of a certain speaker.
Trained on personal chat and character Ross from FRIENDS TV sitcom. GENSIM and GloVe were used for word embedding generation. Model architecture involved BLSTM (Keras), LSTM with attention model (Pytorch).

October 2018 - December 2018

Match Constraint Sequence Alignment

Algorithm to accelerate the performance of the genome sequence alignment,by using a combination of exact and selective alignment, with a cache
Results prove algorithm is faster than existing KSW2 library

October 2018 - December 2018

Human Emotion Detection via Facial Expression Recognition

Detects emotion : Happiness, Fear, Sad, Anger, Surprise from face expressions
Cohn-Kanade DB was used for training SVM model, 83% accuracy

June 2014 - May 2015


Created a user friendly terminal interface (NETMIN)/web interface (WEBMIN) that allows user to perform general  tasks like user management , file management , apache server handling, dns server management , port management, both remotely and smoothly

June 2013

Awards & Certifications

  • OAL FY17Q2 Award of Excellence, 2017
  • Achievement Certificate for NETMIN Project, Nettech India, 2013
  • Winner of SOFTATHON and OPERAOMNIA, Cyberquest MNNIT, 2013
  • Global Rank of 214, International Maths Olympiad, 2009


Apart from my technical facet, I am an ultrarunner, a cyclist and an aspiring triathlete. I realized that endurance sports fuel my chi, helping me focus on my immediate goals and being more productive. My enthusiasm towards fitness drove me to be a fitness blogger and mentor people under ‘Couch to 5K’ programme. This way I can inspire people to become better versions of themselves and realize their true potential.

  • Hyderabad Ultra Marathon (50K) 2017 [07:08:11]
  • Hyderabad Olympic Duathlon 2017 [03:55:20]
  • Standard Chartered Mumbai Half Marathon 2017 [02:08:43]
  • Hyderabad Club Run, Haf Marathon 2017 [01:58:20]
  • JIO Amravati Half Marathon 2017 [02:07:02]
  • Airtel Hyderabad, Half Marathon 2017 [02:22:21]
  • Shriram Properties Bengaluru Half Marathon 2017 [02:06:29]
  • Hyderabad 10K Run 2016 [51:24]
  • Self supported Cycling Brevet from Hyderabad to Hampi 2018, 380 kms, 39 hrs [Active time - 22 hrs]