Shachee Mishra

Research Scholar, Hexlab

Department of Computer Science

Stony Brook University, New York

Email: shmishra [AT] [domain]

Github: shach33


PhD in Computer Science                                                                 (2014-Present)

        Stony Brook University, NY 11790

        Thesis Title: Multi-layer Software Transformation for Attack Surface Reduction

        Thesis Advisor: Dr.Michalis Polychronakis, Associate Professor, Stony Brook University

M.Tech in Computer Science                                                                 (2011-2013)

        Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India - 781039

        Thesis Title: Half-View Barrier coverage in Camera Sensor Networks

        Thesis Advisor: Dr. S.V. Rao,  Professor, HoD, CS Department, IIT Guwahati

B.Tech in Computer Science                                                                 (2007-2011)

        Gautam Buddha Technical University Lucknow, India - 226031

        Thesis Title: Semantic searching of Audio and video content based on metadata

        Thesis Advisor: Dr. Mayank Pandey, Associate Professor, MNNIT Allahabad


Doctoral Researcher                                                        (2017-Present)

Hexlab, Department of Computer Science, Stony Brook University

Research Intern                                                                (Sep.2019-Nov.2019)

Facebook Inc.

Research Intern                                                                (Jun.2018-Aug.2018)

Facebook Inc.

Doctoral Researcher                                                        (2014-2016)

Compas Lab, Department of Computer Science, Stony Brook University

Performed Kernel instrumentation for detailed TCP stack analysis. The aim was to debug performance trends of network based applications. This involves rewriting major portions of network stack.

Master’s Research Assistant                                         (2011-2013)

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati                                                

Barrier, defense line around or along an area to ensure detection of events of a specific kind. Crafted and developed a system to decentralize the formation of barriers across randomly deployed camera-fitted sensors.

Undergraduate Researcher                                                (2009-2011)

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad                                        

Developed a semantic search framework, that performs metadata and content based detailed indexing. The framework further enhances the quality of metadata by extracting missing fields from online databases.


Seyedhamed Ghavamnia, Tapti Palit, Shachee Mishra, Michalis Polychronakis “Temporal System Call Specialization for Attack Surface Reduction” [To appear in Usenix Security’20]

Shachee Mishra, Michalis Polychronakis “Saffire: Context-sensitive Function Specialization against Code Reuse Attacks” [To appear in IEEE Euro S&P’20]

Shachee Mishra, Michalis Polychronakis “Shredder: Breaking Exploits through API Specialization”  ACSAC '18 Proceedings of the 34th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference Pages 1-16

Shachee Mishra, Nima Honarmand, Anshul Gandhi  “Demystifying Tail Behavior in Distributed Systems” Accepted as Poster at IPDPS’16 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium


Adjunct Professor                                                                (Spring 2020)

State University of New York, Old Westbury                                

Taught an Introduction to Programming course to freshmen and sophomores. The course included theory and practical lab sessions. The primary language was Java, but I covered the basics of C as well.

Teaching Assistant                                                                (2014-2019)

Department of Computer Science, Stony Brook University

Project Mentor                                                                        (2017-2019)

Department of Computer Science, Stony Brook University


Graduate Club President                                                        (2018-2020)

Women in PhD, Computer Science (WPhD), Stony Brook University                                        

Founder and President of Women in PhD club of Computer Science Department. Devised initiatives like buddy programs for newly admitted Women in the PhD program and scholarship application mentoring sessions.

Graduate Mentor                                                                (2018-2019)

Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (GWISE), Stony Brook University                                

Mentored two undergraduate students. The mentorship responsibilities involved introducing them to the graduate program, to research and to motivate them to pursue computer science.

Graduate Student Representative                                        (2018-2019)

Graduate Curriculum Committee, Computer Science Department, Stony Brook University                

Represented student voice in the curriculum committee. Worked on the plan to update PhD committee

Members’ requirement and in the process of introduction of new courses.


Member of Technical Staff                                                        (2013-2014)

Adobe Systems India, Noida , India

Secure Network Intern                                                         (Summer 2010)

Kyrion Digital Securities, New Delhi, India


Shadow Program Committee



3Minute Thesis Finalist

SBU Graduate School


Best Short Talk

GWISE Women’s Research Showcase


Grace Hopper Scholarship

GHC’19 (Orlando, FL), GHC’16 (Houston, TX)



Artifact Evaluation

ACSAC’18 (San Juan, PR)        


Travel Scholarship

IEEE S&P’18 (San Francisco, CA)


Travel Scholarship

IPDPS’16 (Chicago, IL)        


CS Department Fellowship

SBU Computer Science



Available upon request.