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Other Directives

XSB has other directives not found in other Prolog systems.

:- hilog $atom_1, \ldots, atom_n$.

Declares symbols $atom_1$ through $atom_n$ as HiLog symbols. The hilog declaration should appear before any use of the symbols. See Chapter 4 for a purpose of this declaration.
:- ldoption($Options$).

This directive is only recognized in the header file ( .H file) of a foreign module. See the chapter Foreign Language Interface in Volume 2 for its explanation.
:- compiler_options($OptionsList$).

Indicates that the compiler options in the list $OptionsList$ should be used to compile this file. This must appear at the beginning of the file. Thes options will override any others, including those given in the compilation command. The options may be optionally prefixed with + or - to indicate that they should be set on or off. (No prefix indicates the option should be set on.)

Baoqiu Cui