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Sample XSB Programs

If for some reason you don't feel like writing your own XSB programs, there are several sample XSB programs in the directory: $XSB_DIR/examples. All contain source code.

The entry predicates of all the programs in that directory are given the names demo/0 (which prints out results) and go/0 (which does not print results).2.1Hence, a sample session might look like (the actual times shown below may vary and some extra information is given using comments after the % character):

my_favourite_prompt> cd $XSB_DIR/examples
my_favourite_prompt> $XSB_DIR/bin/xsb
XSB Version 2.0 (Gouden Carolus) of June 27, 1999
[i586-pc-linux-gnu; mode: optimal; engine: slg-wam; scheduling: batched]
| ?- [queens].
[queens loaded]

| ?- demo.

% ...... output from queens program .......

Time used: 0.4810 sec

| ?- statistics.

memory (total)         1906488 bytes:       203452 in use,      1703036 free
  permanent space       202552 bytes
  glob/loc space        786432 bytes:          432 in use,       786000 free
    global                                     240 bytes
    local                                      192 bytes
  trail/cp space        786432 bytes:          468 in use,       785964 free
    trail                                      132 bytes
    choice point                               336 bytes
  SLG subgoal space          0 bytes:            0 in use,            0 free
  SLG unific. space      65536 bytes:            0 in use,        65536 free
  SLG completion         65536 bytes:            0 in use,        65536 free
  SLG trie space             0 bytes:            0 in use,            0 free
   (call+ret. trie           0 bytes,     trie hash tables            0 bytes)

      0 subgoals currently in tables
      0 subgoal check/insert attempts inserted     0 subgoals in the tables
      0 answer  check/insert attempts inserted     0 answers  in the tables

       Time: 0.610 sec. cputime,  18.048 sec. elapsetime

| ?- halt.          % I had enough !!!

End XSB (cputime 1.19 secs, elapsetime 270.25 secs)

Baoqiu Cui