About Me:

I am currently a Master of Computer Science student at Stony Brook University, New York. I have a strong interest in programming and have four years of work experience in Systems & Networking. I am looking for summer 2018 internships.

Technical Skills:
Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, MATLAB, GNU Octave, DistAlgo
Scripting Languages: Python, Bash
Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP
Web Frameworks: Spring, Web2py
Databases: MySQL, SQLite
Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, Nginx
Libraries: Apache Mahout, Apache Lucene, OpenGL
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Android, Cisco IOS, Juniper Junos
Tools: Eclipse, Wireshark, GDB, Cscope, Acme, Appneta, Kibana, Kafka, Logstash, IXIA tools, Android Studio
Version Control: ClearCase, Git, SVN, CVS
Networking: Routing Protocols, IP Unicast/Multicast, IPv4/IPv6, IoT (CoAP, MQTT), MPLS
Testing: TestNG, JUnit, JMeter

If you have any interesting projects or think that I can be of some help, please drop an email at sihagrahul91@gmail.com.