CSE690 Fall 2007. Theory of Cryptography

Lecturer: Rob Johnson
Location: Old Chem 144
Time: TuTh 11:20am-12:40pm
Office Hours: Tu 1-2pm, 2313D Computer Science Building
Home page: http://www.cs.sunysb.edu/~rob/teaching/cse690-fa07



This class will explore the theory and foundations of modern cryptography. The primary focus will be on provably secure constructions, although we may also study the art of designing cryptographic primitives if there is sufficient interest.


Requirements and Grading

Subject to tweaks throughout the semester.


The course will largely follow Bellare and Rogaway's online course notes, Introduction to Modern Cryptography. You may also refer to Goldwasser and Bellare's Lecture Notes on Cryptography.

Lecture Schedule

Note: the schedule may change throughout the semester.
Warning: The notes below may contain errors. Use with caution.
DateTopic/Recommended Reading
9/4 Crypto basics: history, goals, threat models, one-time pad and other foundations
Notes, Kimberly Albrecht
9/6 Information-theoretic secrecy
Notes, Kimberly Albrecht
9/11 Stream ciphers, computational indistinguishability, PRGs
Notes, Kimberly Albrecht
9/18 Expanding PRGs, the GGM construction, PRFs
Notes, Kimberly Albrecht
9/20 Stream ciphers, PRFs, PRF+PRG=PRF
Notes, Kimberly Albrecht
9/25 Block ciphers, examples, PRF-PRP switching lemma
Notes, Kimberly Albrecht
9/27 PRF-PRP switching lemma, DES, PRF->PRP (Luby-Rackoff)
Notes, Kimberly Albrecht
10/2 Differential and Linear Cryptanalysis
Notes, Kimberly Albrecht
10/4 Matsui's piling-up lemma, Real-or-random security, Modes of operation, ECB Mode, CTR mode
Notes, Kimberly Albrecht
10/9 CTR mode, CBC mode
Notes, Kimberly Albrecht
10/11 CBC mode, Left-or-Right Security, Semantic Security, IND-CPA
Notes, Kimberly Albrecht
10/16 Semantic security, message integrity, MACs, PRFs are MACs
10/18 2-universal hashing, PRF+2-universal = PRF
10/23 GNMAC security (attempt 1), SHA-0 and attacks
10/25 SHA-0 and attacks (cont.), GNMAC security (attempt 2)
10/30 GNMAC security (cont.), HMAC, IND-CCA2

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