CSE150 Fall 2007. Honors Foundations of Computer Science

Lecturer: Rob Johnson
TA: Leif Walsh
Location: Lecture: Harriman 115
Recitation: Social and Behavioral Sciences N107
Time: Lecture: MoWe 2:20pm-3:40pm
Recitation: We 12:50pm-1:45pm
Office Hours: Rob: Tu 1-2pm, 2313D Computer Science Building
Leif: Mo 4-6pm, "The Pit" in the Computer Science Building
Home page: http://www.cs.sunysb.edu/~rob/teaching/cse150-fa07



This class will introduce foundation concepts needed for an advanced understanding of all areas of computer science. We will cover basics of sets, propositional logic and proof strategies, induction, recurrence relations and their solution, and lists and trees.

Requirements and Grading

Subject to tweaks throughout the semester.


James L. Hein, Discrete Structures, Logic, and Computability

The online book, Mathematics for Computer Science, by Eric Lehman and Tom Leighton, is also an excellent reference.

Lecture Schedule

Note: the schedule may change throughout the semester.
DateTopic/Recommended Reading
9/5 Course introduction
9/10 Sets, 2s-complement arithmetic (for fun)
9/12 Relations
9/17 Functions
9/19 Proofs
9/24 Countable and uncountable sets
9/26 Countable and uncountable sets
10/1 Countable and uncountable sets
10/3 Countable and uncountable sets
10/8 Induction
10/10 Induction
10/15 Induction
10/17 Induction
10/22 Induction
10/24 Insertion sort
10/29 Merge sort
10/31 Midterm 1

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