I am Computer Science Masters student at Stony Brook University where I am lucky enough to be advised by Phillipa Gill. During summer 2014, I interned at Amazon.com in Seattle, WA where I was working on Textbook Rentals program.

Prior to this, I was Assistant Systems Engineer at TATA Consultancy Services for 2 years.


Developed a preemptive multitasking kernel for x86-64 architecture with Virtual Memory Management, Page-fault Handling, Syscalls, Shell and VFS (PCI bus, AHCI sata device controller interfacing and File System calls) support.

Mobile Traffic Differentiation

Built an Android app for detecting Traffic differentiation by ISPs on Cellular data networks using Traffic Record and Replay. First network traces for particular App like Netflix, DropBox etc. are recorded. Then these traces are replayed over Open channel and encrypted VPN tunnel to identify differentiation.

Wi-Fi Traffic Analysis

Devised various performance metrics to understand the nature and usage-patterns of IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi Protocol by analyzing real time network traffic from EAP authenticated Hosts/Access Points and formulated throughput comparison factors(like ChatterBox pairs).

Porting Nftables on Android

Ported Nftables which were introduced in linux 3.13 to Goldfish 3.10. Nftables are successor of iptables for packet filtering.

Click Modular Router

Used a network emulation testbed (emulab), and the click modular router for the performance evaluation of samplenetwork topologies under TCP and UDP.

NDN Simulations on NS3

Used and modified the ndnSIM module from the NS-3 network simulator to study the performance of a sample NDNarchitecture under different caching properties and traffic conditions.

Code Generator Tool

Code Generator Tool (jQuery UI, jsoup, Spring) Implemented tool for auto-generation of HTML based web-pages using jQuery for front-end, Spring framework and jsoup for business logic. Developed drag-drop interface resulted in significant reduction in code-development time.

HTML5 Persistent Local Storage Application

Constructed a proof-of-concept with subsequent implementation for persistent data storage client application using HTML5 local storage and indexDB which helped to overcome connection-loss issues.

  • Winner of Amazon Global Intern Hackathon 2014
  • College Topper in Undergrad


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