CSE 642-01 (#49404): Seminar in Algorithms, Spring 2016

Location and Hours. Friday 11:00 am - 12:30 pm, Room 220 of New CS Building (Room 120 only on April 22)

Course Description. This reading group provides a meeting place for Stony Brook faculty, postdocs, and students interested in the analysis of algorithms. We meet once a week, with one of three different missions:

Course Credit. You can get one credit for participating by simply registering for CSE 642. You are also welcome to come without registering.

Mailing List. We have a mailing list. Further announcement will be distributed through the list. Please subscribe here.

Instructors. Esther Arkin, Michael Bender, Jing Chen, Rezaul Chowdhury, Jie Gao, Rob Johnson, Joe Mitchell, Rob Patro, Steve Skiena, and other algorithms faculty.


Date Activities Notes / Reading Material
Fri, Jan 29 Professor Joe Mitchell introduces several brand new problems including "Containers" and the "Magnet Game" Board shots and Caleb Andrade's scribe notes
(distributed internally)
Fri, Feb 5 All SBU Classes Canceled -
Fri, Feb 12 We continue our discussion on the "Containers" problem -
Fri, Feb 19 We continue our discussion on the "Containers" problem Caleb Andrade's slides and writeup on K-means clustering for the container selection problem
(distributed internally)
Fri, Feb 26 Student Presentations by:
(1) Jefferson Huang, and
(2) Geoffrey Churchill
Fri, Mar 4 Student Presentation by:
(1) James Ni
Fri, Mar 11 Student Presentations by:
(1) Taran Carim, and
(2) Sam McCauley and Shikha Singh
Fri, Mar 18 Spring Break -
Fri, Mar 25 Student Presentations by:
(1) Pramod Ganapathi, and
(2) Sam McCauley
Fri, Apr 1 (1) Pramod Ganapathi talks about Stony Brook Puzzle Society
(2) discussion on open problems
Room 120
Fri, Apr 8 Special guest: Prof. Piotr Indyk, MIT
(our DLS speaker)
Link to DLS Talk by Prof. Piotr Indyk
Fri, Apr 15 - -
Fri, Apr 22 - Room 120
Fri, Apr 29 - -
Fri, May 6 - -

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