CSE 642-01 (#49404): Seminar in Algorithms, Fall 2017

Location and Hours. Friday 11:00 am - 12:30 pm, Room 220 of New CS Building

Course Description. This reading group provides a meeting place for Stony Brook faculty, postdocs, and students interested in the analysis of algorithms. We meet once a week, with one of three different missions:

Course Credit. You can get one credit for participating by simply registering for CSE 642. You are also welcome to come without registering.

Mailing List. We have a Google group. Future announcements will be distributed through the group forum and email. Please apply here to join the group.

Instructors. Esther Arkin, Michael Bender, Jing Chen, Rezaul Chowdhury, Jie Gao, Rob Johnson, Joe Mitchell, Rob Patro, Steve Skiena, and other algorithms faculty.


Date Activities Notes / Reading Material
Fri, Sep 1 Prof. Steve Skiena poses a brand new problem on
accepting conference papers
Tyler Meyer's scribe notes
(distributed internally)
Fri, Sep 8 We continue to work on
the "conference paper acceptance problem"
Fri, Sep 15 Prof. Joe Mitchell introduces brand new problems on
"tours and trees that visit uncertain sites"
Fri, Sep 22 Prof. Rob Patro introduces
the "expected total density problem"
and the "consistent k-paths problem"
Shikha Singh's scribe notes
(distributed internally)
Fri, Sep 29 We continue to work on
the "consistent k-paths problem"
Updated scribe notes by Tyler Meyer and Shikha Singh
(distributed internally)
Fri, Oct 6 We continue to work on
the "consistent k-paths problem"
Fri, Oct 13 Prof. Joe Mitchell introduces
the "minimum total aperture problem"
Ankit Aggarwal's scribe notes
(distributed internally)
Fri, Oct 20 Prof. Francesco Orabona gives
a mini-tutorial on "online convex optimization"
Fri, Oct 27 We continue to work on
the "minimum total aperture problem"
Shih-yu Tsai's scribe notes
(distributed internally)
Fri, Nov 3 FWCG
(no reading group meeting)
Fri, Nov 10 We continue to work on
the "minimum total aperture problem"
Fri, Nov 17 Informal discussion with our special guest Prof. Nir Shavit of MIT
(our DLS speaker)
Link to DLS Talk by Prof. Nir Shavit
Fri, Nov 24 Thanksgiving Break -
Fri, Dec 1 Prof. Heather Lynch and PhD student Phillip McDowall (Ecology & Evolution / IACS)
talk about algorithmic challenges in their research on understanding
how spatial patterns in penguin colonies contribute to declines in penguin populations.
NCS 120
Fri, Dec 8 Prof. Zhenhua Liu (AMS) proposes a problem on scheduling multiple DAGs Xiao Sun's scribe notes
(distributed internally)

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