Algorithms Seminar (CSE642)
Fall 2012

Locations and Hours:

Friday 11:00 -12:30 @ Computer Science Lounge (CS Building 1211).

Course Description:

This reading group provides a meeting place for Stony Brook faculty, postdocs, and students interested in the analysis of algorithms. We meet once a week, with one of three different missions:

You can get one credit for participating by simply registering for CSE 642. You are also welcome to come without registering. 

We have a mailing list. Further announcement will be distributed through the list. Please subscribe here.  


  • Sep 21: Professor Steve Skiena indtroduced a new problem. Varun Agrawal took notes.

  • Oct 12: We discussed the protein side-chain repacking problem. Mayank Goswami took notes.

  • Nov 9: We discussed nearest neighbor queries on a grid. Sam McCauley took notes.


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