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I am currently working as Software Engineer at Microsoft Corporation. Previously I was working as Member of Technical Staff at a starup called Tintri in Bay Area.I did my Masters in Computer Science at Stony Brook University. Before doing my Masters I worked at Google. I am interested in open source technologies, enjoy building scalable Web applications and learning new technologies.


Developed a preemptive multitasking kernel for x86-64 architecture with Virtual Memory Management, Page-fault Handling, Syscalls, Shell..

Cellular Localization

In this project, we developed a real-time web interface for cellular localization algorithm that was developed by Wireless Lab of SBU. The high level modules in this project are a server running Localization algorithm which receives MRs from a mobile device and a GUI which displays the location of the mobile device based on the estimated coordinates of the algorithm.


Host Based Intrusion Detection System

Developed a HIDS using pattern matching and Back Propagation neural network techniques. Firstly, the HIDS uses log files as its primary sources of information, and through three steps of pre-decoding log file, decoding log file, and analysis log file, it can effectively identify various intrusions. Secondly, based on BP neural network analysis technology and through establishment of system behaviour characteristics profile in advance, the HIDS can identify intrusions by comparison with threshold.

Angular Based Email App

I created this project for fun. In this I have used angular directives and modals to develop front end of email app. I also used bootstrap for responsive design

Tech Blog

This is my technical blog which is built using jekyll. Here you can find my open source projects and my github repositories.

Security Attacks

This presentation is given in my final year of Undergraduation. It has 15k views on slideshare and 142 downloads.

I live in Bellevue

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