Dowloading OpenRuleBench

Update 2015: Since the SemWebCentral CVS server is down for an undetermined period of time, please download the latest version of OpenRuleBench here:

The OpenRuleBench benchmark suite can also be downloaded directly from its CVS repository, as described below. Many scripts that are part of OpenRuleBench require Linux and have been tested only under Ubuntu 7.10. However, they should work under any recent distribution of Linux. The suite also requires Java and Python as well as the rule engines to be tested. You also need a CVS client in order to download the suite and keep it up-to-date.

Anonymous CVS Access

You can download OpenRuleBench using anonymous (pserver) CVS as follows. First type the following (everything should be in one line):

When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key. Then type the following (again, all in one line):

This will check out the benchmark suite to a subdirectory called openrulebench. You can keep up with the development of OpenRuleBench by updating the openrulebench directory using your CVS client and the following command: