Mohan Nikhil

Graduate student at Stony Brook University

Who am I

    I'm a 25 years old.I have been as a student for 18 years of those 25 years.
    Unlike anyone else, How I think, is all been shaped by my life's experience.
    One think I would say that defines me is I Love to Learn.I get excited about
    new things. I buy more books than I read.The thing is about, I see people
    doing great things and learning from them is the one that truly excites me.

About me

  1. I joined CS department of Stony Brook University as a graduate student(MS) in spring 2014.
  2. Working as WEB DEVELOPER for Stony Brook Computer Science Websites.

Graduate Projects

  1. Network Alignment-Free Comparison of graphs [Graph Based Techniques]
  2. Searching PACMAN problem - Implementing several search algorithms for evaluate several problems efficiently [Artificial Intelligence]
  3. Internet Traffic Misdirection : Finding out the hijacked BGP [Networks]
  4. Implementing the file integrity checker for de-duplication [Storage Systems]

Professional Projects

  1. Extended features of Adobe Document Services for SAP Netweaver and HANA [ ADOBE SYSTEMS ]
  2. Worked on features of import/export operations in Adobe LiveCycle [ ADOBE SYSTEMS ]
  3. Development, Enhancement and Maintenance of Post finance which included applications like OTP (One Time Payment), POFO (Payment Order Front Office), BPO(Browse payment order) for CREDIT SUISSE BANK [ WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES ]

Courses Taken

Spring 2015

  1. CSE 595 Storage Systems
  2. CSE 534 Fundamentals of Computer Networks
  3. CSE 537 Artificial Intelligence
  4. CSE 531 Performance Analysis of System

Fall 2015

  1. CSE 506 Operating Systems
  2. CSE 548 Analysis of Algorithms
  3. CSE 590 Data Science Fundamentals
  4. CSE 642 Seminar in Algorithms
  5. CSE 523 Advance Project (Network Alignment-Free comparison of graphs(Graph Based Techniques))

Spring 2015

  1. CSE 508 Network Security
  2. CSE 524 Advance Project (Machine Learning)


  1. B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from SASTRA University, 2007-2011.


  1. Software Engineer, Adobe Systems India Pvt Ltd, June 2012 - December 2014.
  1. Project Engineer, WIPRO Technologies Pvt Ltd, June 2011 - June 2012.


  1. Please find the resume Resume


  1. X.Y[at], X=nikhil, Y=mohan
  2. Find me on linkedin here