Nikhil Ambekar

Stony Brook University Computer Science Masters Student

Summer 2015(June - August 2015)
Rest API for VM replication and orchestration of Disaster Recovery workflows. Health Monitoring Tool
August 2014 -
Stony Brook University: Masters, Computing Science
Data Analytics, Algorithms and Natural-language-processing .
July 2012 - June 2014
Germin8: Junior Software Engineer
Visualization dashboard, Sentiment Analysis, Solr Query Optimization, Facebook and Twitter API
2008 - 2012
Majored in Computer Science and Engineering

Job Experience

VMware, Inc
Summer Intern
  • Design and Development of Health Monitoring Service to monitor and notify of any service health issues.
  • Development of REST API for VMs replication and orchestation of Disaster Recovery workflows.
Germin8, A Big Data Analytics Startup, Mumbai
Junior Software Developer
  • Development and enhancement of Visualization dashboard and data display query functionalities using Java, Hibernate, Spring framework, Mootools, D3, Apache SOLR and MySQL.
  • Reduced the turnaround time for data queries to almost half while optimizing the queries and intermediate backend processing.
  • Conversion of existing multiple datastores dependency to a single Apache SOLR data source for multiple applications.
  • Involved with Facebook and Twitter API and setting up of data collection framework for Insights and Analytics.
  • Revamp of the entire user interface using latest technologies to make it more intuitive.


Web Application Firewall to detect anomalies and attacks
Development of a Web Application Firewall that learns from requests received by the application and determines any anomalies or any possible attacks from requests. Use of Tomcat Valves to filter out such requests.
IMDB Movie Rating Prediction
Analysis of Movie Reviews from various datasets and generating the tone of reviews on multiple parameters with use of Natural Language Processing techniques.
Implementation of Chain Replication Algorithm for Higher Availability and Consistency
Implementation of Chain Replication protocol handling for message loss, server failures, addition of new servers to handle for queries and update transaction request. This guaranteed support for higher throughput, high availability of data objects, and strong consistency. Coded in Java.
Optimizing for Transfers in a Multi-Vehicle Collection and Delivery Problem
Implementation of Collection and Delivery Problem using STRIPS based approach and added additional constraints. Implemented using Prolog.
Data Analysis of Chilling effects reports
Data Analysis using classification and clustering in the complaints notices, summons and subpoenas issued by Chilling Effects against the perpetrator with respect to trends in geospatial, organizations or abuse of mechanism. The scope encompasses visualizing and inferring the results of the analyzed data to present suitable interpretations for the patterns analyzed.


Stony Brook University
Master in Science, Computer Science
August 2014 - Present
  • NLP, Data Science, Logic, Databases Systems, Network Security, Computer Networks, Algorithms, Asynchronous Systems
Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering, Mumbai
Bachelors, Computer Science
August 2008 - May 2012
  • Algorithms, Data Mining, AI, Robotics, Databases, Operating Systems, Compilers, Software Engineering, Web Engineering

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