These is a list of courses I am either teaching now or have been teaching in the past:

CSE 323 Human Computer Interaction (co-taught with graduate level)
CSE 332 Introduction to Visualization (undergraduate level)
CSE 377 Introduction to Medical Imaging (undergraduate level)
CSE 528 Computer Graphics
CSE 564 Visualization
CSE 612 Advanced Visualization
CSE 590 Data Science Fundamentals
CSE 591 GPU Programming (Special Topics course)
CSE 591 Visual Analytics (Special Topics course)
CSE 577 Medical Imaging (graduate level)
CSE 690 GPGPU: General Purpose Computing on Programmable Graphics Hardware
CSE 523 Master's Projects (continued as CSE 524)
CSE 302 Ethics in Computer Science
ITS 102 Topics in Information Technology Studies
CSE 648 Visual Analytics and Imaging Seminar (every semester)
  CSE 516 Science for Society I (at SUNY Korea)
  CSE 517 Science for Society II (at SUNY Korea)




Last update: June 27, 2005