CSE 523 / 524 Masters Projects

I have several research projects in the fields of Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision, Virtual Reality, and Medical Imaging. All of the projects involve some acquaintance with the problem at hand, followed by an advancement of the existing state of the art and an implementation. They are reasonably short and self-contained, and are designed to be worked out in 2 semesters. Of course, I would be available for help throughout the course of the project. If you have a research idea on your own, and it falls into my area of expertise, then I'd be more than happy to assist and provide some guidance. At the end, you would write a detailed report. The writing of a research paper that can be published at a conference or in a journal is encouraged, but not required. After all, advancing the state of the art makes no sense if it is left hidden in a drawer. Check out my research page and see if you like any of these general areas. There are a lot of projects and we could tailor such a project to your interests, skills, talents, and needs. Just contact me.

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