General Info:

Instructor: Prof. Klaus Mueller
    Office hours: Tu Thu 4-5pm (office, zoom by appointment)
    Phone: 2-1524 (leave message, but better send email)
    Email: mueller@cs.stonybrook.edu

    Office hours:
    Phone: none

Meeting time and venue:

   TuTh 7:00-8:20 pm (Location TBA)

    This course is an introduction to both the foundations and applications of visualization and visual analytics, for the purpose of understanding complex data in science, medicine, business, finance, and many others. It will begin with the basics - visual perception, cognition, human-computer interaction, the sense-making process, data mining, computer graphics, and information visualization. It will then move to discuss how these elementary techniques are coupled into an effective visual analytics pipeline that allows humans to interactively think with data and gain insight. Students will get hands-on experience via several programming projects, using popular public-domain statistics and visualization libraries and APIs. This course is offered as both CSE 332 and ISE 332. The number of credits is 3. Check out this playlist that has some of the final project videos of the Fall 2022 batch 

ABET course outcomes:
    CSE 214 or CSE 260; MAT 211 or AMS 210; AMS 110 or AMS 310; CSE or ISE major

    For additional reference and on reserve in the Science & Engineering library:
    Lab assignments: 30% (MOSS for code plagiarism checks)
    Midterm exam: 30%
    Final exam: 40%

Lab assignments:
    There will be five lab assignments to provide you with hands-on experience in visual data analytics. You will use python for data analytics and the popular javascript library D3.js for interactive information visualization directly in the web browser.The lab assignements will be: