Klaus Mueller, Ph.D

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PhD Students Graduated

Invited Talks (since 2005)

06/24/19 --- Invited Lecture, Big Data Workshop, Chinese University of Hong Kong at Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China, “Explainable AI for High-Dimensional Data”
06/25/19 --- Invited Lecture, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, “Explainable AI for High-Dimensional Data”
06/26/19 --- Invited Lecture, Chinese Academy of Science, Shenzhen, China, “Explainable AI for High-Dimensional Data”
06/28/19 --- Invited Lecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, “Explainable AI for High-Dimensional Data”
07/01/19 --- Invited Lecture, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, “Explainable AI for High-Dimensional Data”
05/08/19  --- Grand Round Invited Lecture, Montefiore Hospital, New York, NY, “Foundations and Applications of Deep Neural Networks in Computed Tomography Reconstruction”
02/06/19 --- Distinguished Lecture, Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN “The Subspace Voyager, and Other Forms of Transportation through High-Dimensional Data Spaces”
03/19/18 --- Workshop on Challenges in the Computational Modeling of Beijing’s Air Pollution and Traffic, “Visualization of Large Cities and Contaminant Propagation”, Beijing, China
03/20/18 --- Distinguished Lecture, Tsinghua University, China, “Big Data Visual Analytics”
03/21/18 --- Distinguished Lecture, Peking University, China, “Big Data Visual Analytics”
07/16/17 --- IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, “Visual Analytics and Decision Making with High-Dimensional Data”
04/12/17 --- Texas A&M University, “Big Data Visual Analytics”
08/10/16 --- Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, “Visual Reasoning with High-Dimensional Data”
07/13/16 --- Los Alamos National Lab, “Visual Reasoning with High-Dimensional Data”
07/08/16 --- Decision Camp 2016, “The Decision Boundary Map”
07/01/16 --- University of Stuttgart, Germany, “Visual Reasoning with High-Dimensional Data”
06/13/16 --- Seoul National University, “Big Data Visual Analytics”
06/28/16 --- Dagstuhl Workshop, “Visual Reasoning with High-Dimensional Data”
05/23/16 --- NSLS-II and CFN Users Meeting Workshop, “Big Data Visual Analytics“
04/05/16 --- University of Nebraska, Lincoln, “Big Data Visual Analytics”
03/23/16 --- STREAM 2016, “Mining Behavior Patterns in Streaming Multivariate Data”
03/16/16 --- City University of New York (CUNY), “Big Data Visual Analytics”
10/05/16 --- Korea University, “Big Data Visual Analytics”
08/07/15 --- University of Jena, Germany, “Visual Analytics for Big Data”
06/10/15 --- Brookhaven National Lab, “Generating Images from Data"
06/22/15 --- International Symposium on The Science and Technology of Smart City and Big Data, “Visual Analytics for Big Data"
03/25/15 --- United Nations Asia-Pacific Regional Training Workshop, “Visual Analytics with Multivariate Data"
02/12/15 --- Korea Polar Institute, “Visual Analytics for Multivariate Data Analytics with Application to Climate Science Research”
03/19/14 --- Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, “Big Data Visual Analytics"
04/24/14 --- SIAM Data Mining Workshop on Exploratory Data Analysis, “Model-Driven Visual Analytics"
04/11/14 --- School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Stony Brook University, “Visual Analytics for Multivariate Data Analytics with Application to Climate Science Research,”
03/19/14 --- HackersUhac, Seoul, Korea, “How to Successfully Apply to US Universities”
03/10/14 --- NII Shonan, Japan, 'Meeting on Computer Visualization: Concepts and Challenges', “The ND-Scope: Visual Exploration of High-Dimensional Data”
03/05/14 --- IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium, Yokohama, Japan, (keynote), “Expanding the Universe – From Volume Rendering to High-Dimensional Data Visualization”
01/06/14 --- Dagstuhl Research Center, Germany, Perspectives Workshop 'Connecting Performance Analysis and Visualization', "Visual Analytics for High-Dimensional Data”
10/23/13 --- Microsoft Asia, Beijing, China, eScience Workshop, “A Visual Framework for Multivariate Data Analytics in Science and Healthcare”
06/18/13 --- Dagstuhl Research Center, Germany, Workshop 'Parallel Data Analysis', “Visual Analytics for High-Dimensional Data”
06/04/13 --- Shandong University, Jinan, China, “Big Data Visual Analytics”
05/29/13 --- Yonsei University, Korea, “I see. I understand. Visual Tools to Make Sense of Complex Data”
04/03/13 --- POSTECH University, Korea, “Big Data Visual Analytics”
01/15/13 --- Samsung, Korea, Medical Imaging Division, “GPU-Accelerated Iterative CT Reconstruction for Low-Dose X-ray Imaging”
10/19/12 --- IEEE VIS, (panel talk), “Balancing Personal and Professional Life as a Visualization Scientist”
06/08/12 --- Annual Meeting of the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM), (panel talk), “Visual Analytics and Information Visualization in Healthcare”
02/17/12 --- Johns Hopkins University Grand Rounds, “Visual Analytics and Information Visualization in Healthcare”
09/27/11 --- International Symposium on Visual Computing (keynote), “Can Computers Master the Art of Communication? A Focus on Visual Analytics”
06/10/11 --- Dagstuhl Research Center, Germany, “Can Computers Master the Art of Communication? A Focus on Visual Analytics”
07/20/11 --- University of Bremen, Germany: “Illustrative Design Inspired Multivariate Data Visualization,”
12/06/10 --- DIMACS, Rutgers University, NJ: “Interactive Model Learning from High-Dimensional Data: A Visual Analytics Approach”
08/25/10 --- Pacific Northwest Lab, Washington: “Model-Driven Visual Analytics”
04/15/10 --- Brookhaven National Lab, New York: “High-Dimensional Data Exploration in a Visual Analytics Framework”
09/15/09 --- Zhejiang University, China: ” Visual Information Capture and Encoding”
09/12/09 --- Beijing University, China: ”Visualization and Visual Aesthetics”
07/29/09 --- IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), (invited talk), “Accelerating Regularized Iterative CT Reconstruction on Commodity Graphics Hardware (GPU)"
06/16/09 --- Dagstuhl Research Center, Germany: “KAV-DB: Capture (and Retrieval) of Visualization Knowledge Over the Web”
06/01/09 --- University of Pennsylvania: “Why do Commodity Graphics Hardware Boards (GPUs) Work so well for the Acceleration of Computed Tomography”
02/14/08 --- CUNY Graduate Center, New York: “Visualization and Visual Aesthetics”
11/09/07 --- Anatomical Sciences Department, Stony Brook: “Visualization in Science and Medicine”
10/08/07 --- Yale University, Connecticut: “Real-time 3D computed tomographic reconstruction using commodity graphics hardware”
08/15/07 --- University of Florida: “Real-time 3D computed tomographic reconstruction using commodity graphics hardware”
07/12/07 --- Dagstuhl Research Center, Germany: “Modeling the User”
01/29/07 --- SPIE Electronic Imaging (Keynote, Computational Imaging V), “Why Do Commodity Graphics Hardware Boards (GPUs) Work So Well for the Acceleration of Computed Tomography”
01/08/07 --- Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: “Let's Talk About Volumetric Data”
10/20/06 --- Vienna Institute of Technology, Austria: “Scattered Points, Organized Rays, with a Touch of 3D Color”
09/21/06 --- IBM, Yorktown Heights, New York: “Visualization for Science and Medicine”
11/28/05 --- Rutgers University, New Jersey: “Semantics-Aware Visualization”
08/24/05 --- University of California at Davis: “The Magic Volume Lens”
06/08/05 --- Dagstuhl Research Center, Germany: “The Magic Volume Lens”
01/23/05 --- Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey: “Facadlet: A Facade-Generating Primitive for Urban Architecture”
01/12/05 --- Simon Fraser University, British Columbia: “Enhancing volumetric datasets with sub-resolution detail using texture synthesis”

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