Projects: Virtual and Augmenetd Reality

Immersive environments are powerful platforms to visualize data, simulate real environments and situations in a controlled manner, and even treat dieseases and correct human behavior and habits. We have developed a number of such environemts at different scales and are working on various applications of these.

Development of Metaverse for Intelligent Healthcarelts
G. Wang, A. Badal, X. Jia, J. Maltz, K. Mueller, K. Myers, C. Niu, M. Vannier, P. Yan, Z. Yu, R. Zeng
Nature Machine Intelligence
4, pp. 922–929, 2022
A Virtual Reality Grocery Shopping Game to Improve Awareness for Healthy Foods in Young Adults
K.Jayachandran, S. Chilakamarri, D. Coelho, K. Mueller
CEWIT: Emerging Technology for a Smarter World
Stony Brook, NY, November, 2017

Google Glass for Personalized Augmentations of Data Visualizations
D. Zhang, D. Coelho, K. Mueller
IEEE VIS Poster Abstracts
Baltimore, MD, 2016

The Reality Deck - Immersive Gigapixel Display
C. Papadopoulos, K. Petkov, A. Kaufman, K. Mueller
IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications
35(1): 33-45, 2015
The Immersive Cabin
F. Qiu, B. Zhang, K. Petkov, L. Chong, A. Kaufman, K. Mueller, X. Gu
International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC), Springer Lecture Notes In CS
pp. 891-900, Las Vegas, NV, December 2008




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