Thanksgiving 2005



Cutting the turkey...

Akiko, with the turkey she prepared, and other delicious culinary items.

The first cut.


Then Odi is taking over and shows how this is done.


But cutting a turkey is not as easy as it might at first seem...Fytos is providing some guidance.


After a delicious meal, we played a few games

In the "Who Am I" game, everyone wears a sticker on their forehead, bearing the name of some famous person. The wearer cannot see the sticker and its writing, and he/she has to find out who he/she is by asking questions to the group.

"Tom Hanks", "Bill Gates", and "Britney Spears" (from left to right).


"George Bush"

"Bugs Bunny" and "Jackie Chan"


"Elvis Presley" and "Martha Stewart"
"Martha Stewart" and "Albert Einstein"
After sometimes heavy questioning and guessing, everyone resolved their identies, and we went on and played some charades.
Here, despite some convincing acting...
...some were still left guessing


Last update: December 2, 2005