Computer Science @ SUNY Korea Christmas Party 2013

First some random party pictures:

Guests are enjoying the delicious buffet Akiko organized -- homemade cuisine and sweets made by Akiko, Swiss apple cake baked by Maya, delicacies from the neighborhood delivered by Jisung, and German mull wine (Glühwein) brewed by Akiko


Gift Giving:

As in the previous years, everyone was asked to bring a gift of cost $15 or less. Each gift was assigned a number, and a drawing decided who would get to choose the first package under the tree.We changed the rules this time. Each person in line had a choice to either pick a package from under the tree or take an already opened one he/she liked from another party guest. In the latter case, that person would then pick a new package from the unopened batch. There were clearly some items of high desire that passed a quite few owners over the course of the game.

Happy New Year everyone!

Last update: December 25, 2013