Christmas Party 2010

We again increased the size of the party, now over 35 guests

First some random party pictures:


Interlude: Markus Lacay's (brief) thesis defense: "Visual Game Tuning"

The audience was fascinated
The thesis committee (here Prof. Kevin McDonnell) was impressed as well: the thesis was signed on the spot -- Markus is happy

Gift Giving:

As in the previous years, everyone was asked to bring a gift of cost $15 or less (we'll see soon that there were many smart shoppers in the crowd)
Each gift was assigned a number, and a drawing decided who would get to unwrap which box
But, not necessarily could the unwrapping person take that gift home - because an unwrapper with a lower number would be able to force a gift-switch with a higher numbered unwarpper. As the happy faces below show -- nobody took advantage of that option.

Wei got a Lada Gaga calendar (a gift bought by Akiko): perfect to keep track of all those paper deadlines and conferences


The last gift package: a penguin hat -- brought by Fytos, and I won it


My wife Akiko prepared a lot of delicious food -- she absolutely deserves the beautiful necklace she got. Well, and I really deserve that penguin hat.

Happy New Year everyone!

Last update: December 31, 2010