Christmas Party 2009

Despite the monster snow storm (according to CNN) of December 19, we had the largest party ever: 25 guests

First some random party pictures:

Gift Giving:

As in the previous years, everyone was asked to bring a gift of cost $15 or less (we'll see soon that there were many smart shoppers in the crowd)
Each gift was assigned a number, and a drawing decided who would get to unwrap which box
But, not necessarily could the unwrapping person take that gift home - because an unwrapper with a lower number would be able to force a gift-switch with a higher numbered unwarpper

We had 18 gifts, and not everyone was happy with what they received (see soon who was not):
Maho shows how it's done: you go find your present under the tree, unwrap it, and look happy and surprised
Again, now demonstrated by Linda: unwrap, unfold, admire, pose for the camera (while others look on with envy)
Something for those cold nights in the lab: Ziyi is in heaven (and Akiko in envy)
Zhiyuan got some handy body lotion
Quynh drew a lemon: an Indian dish package worth 99 cents -- but wait there is a letter along with it (it states that the real gift is in the mail)
Fang received a book entitled "100 Most Important Science Ideas" -- and checks immediately if the GPU is one of them
The Maurer family won a cuddly Panda bear and some movie tickets
Shengying in the back can't wait to see Fytos' reaction to her present
Happy faces full of joy about their presents ... but let see about the next two recipients
Although they keep up the christmas spirit, I cannot imagine Haris (above) ever wearing this nice women's purse and Kshitij (below) drinking this fine bottle of wine
Finally, I received a wallet -- unfortunately empty.

Happy New Year everyone!

Last update: January 10, 2010