Christmas 2007



Some more bottom-up's...


First the dinner:

Akiko had prepared many delicious items, the theme was German this year...


Assorted cookies

These treats did not last long....

Then someone discovered Akiko's Christmas gift from last year: Guitar Hero...

Gift Giving:

Everyone was asked to bring a gift of cost $15 or less (we'll see soon that there were many smart shoppers in the crowd)
Each gift was assigned a number, and a drawing decided who would get to unwrap which box
But, not necessarily could the unwrapping person take that gift home - because an unwrapper with a lower number would be able to force a gift-switch with a higher numbered unwarpper

We had 18 gifts, and everyone was happy with what they received:



Supriya is overwhelmed with gifts -- "Santa" Ziyi had bought his gifts at the 99-Cent store

Finally, we played two rounds of the murder-mystery game we played last year as well...

The game goes as follows:Everyone draws a secret card (here a paper plate), labeled either with 'people', 'murderer', or 'police'. There are only 2 murderes and 2 police, the rest are common people. One person is a moderator.
All go asleep, then the murderer wake up and kill one villager, then the police wakes up and inquires about a possible suspect, then all wake up and a possible murderer is put on trial and (often wrongfully) hung

Round 1:

In this round, Julia and Fytos did it, and were rightfully sentenced to death.

Round 2: Now Ody is moderator -- she should host this game on live-TV

In this round, all villagers died, and Julia and Zhe got away with it.

Last update: December 23, 2007