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PhD Students

Arjun Krishna
(SRM University, India and U Texas)

Machine learning for visual analytcs and medical imaging

Xinyu Zhang
(Shandong University, China)

Visual analytcs for multivariate data

Shahreen Salim
(University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Human computer interaction for causal inference

Yanming Zhang
(Southwest Jiaotong University, China)

Visual analytics for causal inference

Amit Kumar Das
(University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Human computer interaction

Tina Behzad
(University of Teheran, Iran)

AI fairness

Mithilesh Singh
(VIT University, India)

Visual analytics

Anthony Ripa
(Stony Brook University, NY)

AI fairness and ethics

Snehal Tomar
(Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, India)

Computer vision and image synthesis

MS Students


Undergraduate Students


The Gang (of 2016)


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Alumni (PhD)

  Bhavya Ghai, PhD ('22)
(Indian Institute of Information Technology, India)
Towards Fair and Explainable AI using a Human-Centered Approach
  Anjul Tyagi, PhD ('22)
(Indian Institute of Information Technology, India)
Exploring Large Parameter Spaces with Machine Learning and Data Visualization
  Hyunjung Jenny Lee, PhD ('21)
(Ewha Womans University, Korea)
Cluster Analysis and Visualization in High-Dimensional Space
  Heyi Li, PhD ('21)
(Tsinghua University, China)
Understanding the Black Box: A Methodology for Interpreting Deep Neural Networks for Domain Scientists
China Academy of Space Technology
  Darius Coelho, PhD ('21)
(Goa University, India)
Methodologies and Implementations to Enable General Participation in Visualization
Akai Kaeru LLC
  Ayush Kumar, PhD ('20)
(LLM IIT Jaipur, India)
Visual Analytics Methodology for Multivariate Volumetric and Spatio-Temporal Data
Harvard University
  Jun Wang, PhD ('18)
(Shandong University, China)
Visual Causality Analysis
  Cong Xie, PhD ('18)
(Zhejiang University, China)
Visual Analytics of Heterogeneous High-Dimensional Datasets to Support Machine Learning Tasks
  Shenghui Cheng, PhD ('18)
(Shandong University, China)
Visual Analytics for Relation Discovery in Multivariate Data
Westlake University, China
  Salman Mahmood, PhD ('18)
(Lahore University of Management Science, Pakistan)
Organizing High-Dimensional Data through Semantics Discovery
  Sungsoo Ha, PhD ('17)
(Ajou University, Korea)
SAFE: A Safe, Accurate, Flexible, and Efficient Computed Tomographic System
  Eric Papenhausen, PhD ('17)
(Alfred College and Stony Brook University, USA)
Manual, Automatic, and Semi-Automatic Performance Optimization
Akai Kaeru, LLC
  Bing Wang, PhD ('16)
(University of Science and Technology, China)
High Dimensional Data Exploration, Representation and Generation
  Puripant (Joe) Ruchikachorn, PhD ('16)
(Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and Tokyo University, Japan)
Integrating Visualizations Into the Authoring of Narratives
Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
  Zhiyuan Zhang, PhD ('14)
(Shandong University, China)
Visual Association Mining of Multivariate Data
  Wei Xu, PhD ('12)
(Zhejiang University, China)
An Efficient Framework for High-Quality Low-Dose CT Reconstruction and Reference-based Image Restoration
Brookhaven National Lab
  Ziyi Zheng, PhD ('12)
(Zhejiang University, China)
Efficient Reconstruction and Visualization of CT Data
  Julia EunJu Nam, PhD ('11)
(Ajou University, Korea)
Exploratory visual analytics in high-dimensional space
  Supriya Garg, PhD ('10)
(IIT Bombay, India)
Tools to enrich the user experience in visual analytics
  Shengying Li, PhD ('08)
(Peking University, China and Tokyo University, Japan)
Refraction in graphics and medical imaging
Barclays Bank
  Fang Xu, PhD ('07)
(Xiamen Uniersity, China)
Acceleration of 3D computed tomography reconstruction using commodity graphics hardware (GPUs)
  Lujin Wang, PhD ('07)
(Tsinghua University, China)
Feature-driven illustrative visualization and graphics

Neophytos Neophytou, PhD ('06)
(University of Cyprus, Cyprus)
GPU-accelerated point-based volume rendering
Color space CAD: Direct color manipulation in 3D color space


Sarang Lakare, PhD ('04)
(University of Pune, India)
Ray-based exploration of volumetric data
TouchApp (Pune, India)

Wei Li, PhD ('04)
(Xi'an Jiaotong University, China)
Accelerating simulation and visualization on graphics hardware

Siemens Corporate, Princeton, PA
  Ingmar Bitter, PhD ('02)
(University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany)
Volume visualization of object interiors
ClaorNav (Toronto, Canada)

Alumni (MS)

  Md Naimul Hoque, MS ('20)
Outcome-Explorer: A Causality Guided Interactive Visual Interface for Interpretable Algorithmic Decision Making
U Maryland, College Park
  Wen Zhong, MS ('18)
Evolutionary Visual Analysis of Deep Neural Networks
  Dan Zhang, MS ('17)
Google Glass for Personalized Augmentations of Data Visualizations
National Academy of Science, China
  Jisung Kim, MS ('16)
Texas A&M
  Nafees Ahmed, MS ('16)
Gamification for Visual Analytics
  Jaewoo Pi, MS ('11)
Simulation of X-ray scattering
SUNY Korea
  Ambuj Thacker, MS ('11)
Appointment and calendar visualization
  Markus Lacay, MS ('10)
Visual analytics for game design
Disney Games
  Charles Rojo, MS ('10)
Information-augmented urban visualization
Intelepix, LLC
  Kshitij Padalkar, MS ('09)
User steerable colorization and highlighting
  Erin Golub, MS ('09)
Visual information encoding
  Xin Guan, MS ('08)
DTI Visualization
  Mauricio Maurer, MS ('08)
High-dimensional feature classifcation in volumetric datasets
  Lei Zhang, MS ('08)
Visualization of facial dynamics
  Aili Li, MS ('08)
Frequency-space volume rendering
  Warren Leung, MS ('07)
SIMD-aware raycasting on GPUs
  Yue Hu Ou, MS ('06)
Colorization and color transfer
  Sean Li, MS ('06)
Functional brain analysis
  Oleg Mishchenko, MS ('06)
Space-filling curves for volume rendering
The Ohio State University
  Satprem Pamudurthy, MS ('05)
Face recognition using dynamic features
  Yiping Han, MS ('05)
Rendering of mirage effects using the lattice Boltzmann model, High-dimensional data visualization
  Haik Lorenz, MS ('05)
Facadlet: A facade generating primitive for urban architecture
University of Potsdam, Germany
  Kith Pradhan, MS ('05)
Volume classification with multi-dimensional voxel signatures
Applied Math and Statistics Department, Stony Brook
  JeeHyun Huang, MS ('05)
Video visualization
  Rong Su, MS ('05)
Volume visualization
  Peter Imrich, MS ('04)
The interactive dendrogram for visual data mining
Computer Associates, Long Island, NY
  Tomihisa Welsh, MS ('03)
Coloization of greylevel images and video
Alienskin Software, NC
  Uday Chebrolu, MS ('03)
Interactive transfer function modification for volume rendering
  Michael Steinberg, MS ('03)
EngineRoom: A comparative environment for volume rendering engines
Northrop Grunman, NY
  Hari Varadhan, MS ('03)
Volume ablation rendering
  Jon Sweeney, MS ('02)
Shear-warp deluxe: analyzing and extending the shear-warp volume rendering algorithm
  Manjushree Nulkar, MS ('01)
Splatting with shadows
  David Goldstein, MS ('00)
Virtual reality techniques for CAD/CAM design
Computer Associates, Long Island, NY

Alumni (Honor Undergraduates)

  Anton Kanevsky('11)
Appointment and calendar visualization

Arunesh Mittal ('11)
Visual analytics for healthcare
Johns Hopkins University

Alumni (Postdocs)

  Dr. Fengbao Yang ('08)
Night vision image colorization


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