Akiko (Tokyo, some years ago)
Klaus (Tuttlingen, some years ago)

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July 28, 2000: Klaus meets Akiko in New York July 17, 2003: A cowboy appears in the sky. He orders Klaus to
take Akiko to Las Vegas and "do the right thing".

July 18, 2003: At the Court House in Clark County, Nevada:
The first task: Find the one sharp and pointy pencil in a huge
basket of chewed-up ones.
15 minutes later. The task is completed and the applications as well.
  Now we need to see the woman in the glass cage.

It's official (gulp) - at this point it will cost already $50 to change.
Mr. and Mrs. Mueller

On the public bus to the BELLAGIO - the most romantic hotel
in Las Vegas.
The BELLAGIO...the dream of every newly-wed woman..

Later on, not the public bus this time....
Eric, the limo driver will bring us to the next stop....
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