Murali Krishna, Somanur Ramasamy is a Masters student in Computer Science at Stony Brook University joined in Fall 2014.


      Fall 2014

Current Projects

Smart Scaling in Stateful Servers

  • Most of the previous work in scaling has focused on application tier and very less work had been done on stateful nodes’ scaling.
  • Even though scaling in stateful tier gives high energy efficiency, it is difficult to implement.
  • Planning to explore the options in scaling distributed databases.
  • Analyze the performance degradation in case of node failure in distributed databases (Cassandra).
  • Explore the scaling opportunities by configuring parameters like replication factor under different types of load
  • Extend the possible improvements in database tier with caching tier optimizations

BioMedical Text Mining

  • The aim of the project is to answer few interesting questions from BioMed text corpus using Dynamic Topic Modeling.
  • The possible questions include,
  • What are the recent topics with the most research output?
  • What are the topics that are most prominent in the entire corpus and how have they evolved over time?
  • What topics/areas have a certain author been working on?
  • What topics have evolved the least? or which research has evoked least interest in recent times?
  • Which authors were working together on a topic during a particular time?
  • Which articles were the most influential to a particular field?
  • What topic was most researched on during a particular time?
  • Which geographic location has the most research output for a particular topic?