Mohammad Mahdi Javanmard Mohammad Mahdi Javanmard
Research Scientist @Meta Platforms, Inc. (formerly known as Facebook, Inc.)
Meta, New York Office, USA
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Research Interests
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Machine Learning for Systems
  • Cache-efficient Parallel Algorithms, and External-memory Algorithms
  • Optimizing Compilers, and Polyhedral Compilers
  • Big Data, and Cloud Computing
  • Software Engineering
Educational Background
Professional Experience
  • Meta Platforms, Inc. (Facebook)
    • [Mar 2020 - Present] Research Scientist
  • Stony Brook University
    • [Sep 2012 - Mar 2020] Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant
    • Lecturer for the course ESG 111 – C Programming for Engineers (Spring 2016)
    • Teaching Assistant for courses:
      • Graduate Course: Artificial Intelligence
      • Undergraduate Courses:
        • Principles of Database Systems
        • Principles of Programming Languages
        • Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms
        • Introduction to Web Design and Programming
  • Google
    • [Sep 2018 - Dec 2018] Software Engineering Intern
    • Designed and implemented deallocationz profiler for tcmalloc (C++)
  • Salesforce
    • [May 2018 - Aug 2018] Software Engineering Intern
    • Designed and implemented HBase replication health test framework (Java and Apache Phoenix)
Selected Publications
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Technical Skills
  • Programming Languages:
    • (Proficient) C/C++ and Java
    • (Intermediate) Kotlin and Objective-C
    • (Basic) C#, Python, Prolog, SML, and Assembly
  • Parallel Paradigms and Environments:
    • (Proficient) OpenMP, Intel Cilk+, Intel CnC, CUDA, Charm++, and MPI
    • (Intermediate) Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop
    • (Basic) Charm++
  • Toolchains: (Basic) GNU toolchain (gcc, gdb, make) and cMake
  • Database Management Systems:
    • (Proficient) MySQL, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, eXist-db, and XSB
    • (Basic) Cassandra, Mongodb, Apache Phoenix, and HBase
  • Web Development: (Basic) HTML, CSS, Java Servlets, JSP, and JavaScript
Awards and Honors

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