330 NCS Building

Stony Brook University

Stony Brook, NY, 11794

Hi there! I am a fifth year PhD student in Computer Science at Stony Brook University. I work in WINGS Lab under the guidance of Prof. Samir Das. My research interests are broadly in Systems and Networking, with a current focus on Video Streaming and AR/VR Applications. I try to (significantly) improve these systems using data-driven techniques.

Before joining Stony Brook, I worked on network protocols (L2/L3) development in embedded Linux kernel, at Uurmi Systems Pvt. Ltd. (recently acquired by Mathworks) India.

Prior to that, I got my Master’s and Bachelor’s both in Computer Science from the College of Engineering, Osmania Univeristy, Hyderabad, India in 2014 and 2012 respectively.

I am interning at NEC Labs, Princeton, NJ in summer 2020 under the guidance of Dr. Karthikeyan Sundaresan.

More details can be found in my CV