ITS102 How to Solve Them

Added many links under Handouts and Resources.
For the course project, (1) find a problem that you are interested in solving and tell me about it, (2) find methods for solving it, (3) prepare notes and/or slides for presenting the problem and solutions, (4) present them in class on May 6, and (5) hand in your notes and/or slides.
Extra credit suggestions: (1) download Python at and try any of the programs we discussed in class and/or other programs; (2) find interesting problem solving methods we did not discuss in class and describe it using examples. Hand in your work either electronically or on papers. NOTE: You can use all resources you can find, but you must credit anything that you used.
Added links to Difference Engine and ENIAC under Handouts and Resources.
Added Handout Q for Questionnaire under Handouts and Resources.
Course page is created with General Information, Lecture Schedule, and Requirements.

Annie Liu