dar seminar - Michael Kifer: Programming with Logic and Objects

		 Design and Analysis Research Seminar
                         Mon., Dec. 3, 2001
                     11-12am, CS Seminar Room 1306

		  Programming with Logic and Objects

			   Michael Kifer

This talk is about a marriage of object-oriented and logic programming
paradigms. This marriage involves four parties: F-logic, HiLog,
Transaction Logic, and FLORA. F-logic is a logical formalism that
extends classical predicate calculus with object-oriented syntax (and
semantics). HiLog adds meta-programming, and Transaction Logic makes
it possible to program object methods with side-effects (such as
database updates) in a completely logical fashion. Finally, FLORA is a
concrete realization of this marriage.  It is both a formalism that
seamlessly integrates the above three logics and an implementation
that adds pragmatic extensions, which make it into a powerful
programming environment.
Doesn't this sound like it is making programming really fun?
Please note the special date and time.  Everyone is welcome.