CSE532: Advanced Database Systems (Fall `02)
Selected Projects

The links below point to the original project descriptions. Please send me updates if any of your information is missing or incorrect.

    Computing Resources and Security

  1. Alexander Withers: alexandeATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu, Baljit Singh: baljitATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu
    Database for the Management of Computing Resources on a Data Grid
  2. Pi-Yuan Cheng: pi-yuanATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu, Jian Li: jiali@ic.sunysb.edu
    IDS (Intrusion Detection System) Report Management System

    Knowledge Base and References

  3. Robert A. Wlodarczyk: rwlodarc@ic.sunysb.edu, Alex Chang: tortugha@hotmail.com
    Online Knowledge Base
  4. Huayan Zhong: hzhong@ic.sunysb.edu, Xiaowan Huang: xihuang@ic.sunysb.edu
    Online Technical Reference Library

    Conferences and News

  5. Alexey Smirnov: alexeyATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu, Boris Alyurov: balyurov@ic.sunysb.edu
    Upcoming Conferences Tracking System
  6. Siddhartha Karan Singh: siddhart@lucent.com
    Online News Distribution Site

    University Management

  7. Po Ki Chui: pchui@ic.sunysb.edu, Mo Sai Chiu: mchiu@ic.sunysb.edu
    Campus Residence Room Assignment System
  8. Xiaoli Zhu: xizhu@ic.sunysb.edu
    A Course Transfer Evaluation System
  9. Jing Shi: jshiATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu
    Class Grading System
  10. Rajkiran Ravi: raviATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu
    Online Student Information System
  11. Jian Ping Zheng: jpzheng@ic.sunysb.edu
    Registration System in a University

    Business and Finance

  12. Sumit Jain: sumitATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu, Nishant Dholakia: ???
    Shipping Database system
  13. Nikhil Mahajan: nmahajanATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu, Prashant Choudhari: cprashanATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu
    Online Calling Card System
  14. Ying Lu: yluATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu, Changbao Chen: chachen@ic.sunysb.edu
    Online Bookstore System
  15. Meher Medida: meherATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu Swetha Vangapally: swethav27@yahoo.com
    Online Banking System

    Art and Entertainment

  16. Liu Yang: yliuATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu, Fai Nip: fainip1127@yahoo.ca
    Online Photo Gallery
  17. Zhao Hua Xue: zhaohuaATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu, Seunghyeokk James Lee: sleeATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu
    Movies Theater System
  18. Arun Ramasamy: arunATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu, Hari.S.Varadhan: hariATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu
    Basketball Statistics Search
  19. Heng Xue: hexueATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu, Peiyan (Rocky) Wang: pwangATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu
    New York City Bargain Guider

    Hospital Management

  20. Seong Ah Shin: seongATcsDOTsunysbDOTedu, Jun-Seok Yoon: juyoon@ic.sunysb.edu
    SBU Hospital Management System
  21. Vinela Pothineni:???, Harikesavan Krishnan: hari0606@yahoo.com
    Online Hospital Management