CSE391: Web Queries: Methods and Tools (Spring `04)

Project demos will be in CS 2114, using machines sbntwb016, sbntwb018, and sbntwb022.
Added Handout P for project report, presentation, and demo.
Added presentation schedule.
Added a link to a single pdf file that contains all and only the explanation part of the semantic web tutorial.
Added links to Semantic Web Tutorial Using N3, immediately below linkes to XML slides
Added links to W3C Semantic Web, RDF, and OWL pages
Added links to some general and some specialized tools.
Added links upto Web Survey and Internet Research Reports by SecuritySpace.
Added Handout A6 for Assignment 6.
I decided to move the lecture planned for after the guest lecture up too, as they are more closely related. We will talk about search engines next Tuesday.
Tomorrow we will have a guest lecture by Prof. I.V. Ramakrishnan on an intelligent web query tool. Note it is being moved from Thursday to Tuesday because of a schedule conflict of the speaker.
Added Handout A5 for Assignment 5.
Added the points (in red font) I emphasized during team meetings in Handout A4.
Added Handout A4 for Assignment 4.
Added Handout Q2 for Questionnaire 2.
Revised lecture schedule slightly (added team meetings and reduced semantic web part).
Please sign up to meet with me next week about your project selection.
Added Handout S3 for Sample XQuery Solution to Assignment 3.
Added Midterm preparation information (what's open in the exam).
Added Handout MP for Midterm Practice Problems (added empty element Prerequisite in DTD, thanks to Jiande; and changed distinct to distinct-values in XQuery).
Fixed typos in slides for the part on XML query languages.
Added link to XQuery and XPath Functions and Operators, which is also the first link under References on the XQuery page.
Added Handout S2 for Sample XML Schema Solution to Assignment 2.
Added Handout D for Sample Data for Demo.
Added links to XPath, XSLT, and XQuery standards.
Added link for downloading Quip.
Added Handout A3 for Assignment 3.
Added slides for the part on XML query languages.
Added link to XML Schema standard.
Fixed typos in slides for the part on XML data description.
Please send me your team by today if you have it; otherwise I will assign teams for all the remaining people and post them with the wish list by the end of the day.
Added the item "student id" to include at the top of your handins in Requirements. When submitting homeworks electronically, please include those items in the subject line as well.
Added link to wish list from handins of assignment 1. If you find problems with the two lines you submitted, please send me corrections.
Added Handout A2 for Assignment 2.
Added slides for the part on XML data description.
Corrected the grade percentage of Assignment 1 to be 3% not 3.75%.
Added TA information and Chen's office hours.
Changed Annie's Tue office hour from 10-11:20AM to 2:00-3:20PM.
Added the email handin requirement for Assignment 1.
Added Handout A1 for Assignment 1.
Course page is expanded with General Information, Lectures schedule, Handout Q for Questionnaire, and additional Requirements.
Course page is created with Course Description, Prerequisites, and Credits.

Annie Liu