CSE/ISE315 Database Transaction Processing Systems

If you lost a pink pen at the final, you can get it from me.
Quiz 3 statistics: total: 35, max 34, min 18.
Please fill out final course survey at http://www.cs.sunysb.edu/~survey/.
Remember the room change for the lecture on Thursday April 27: from CS 2311 to CS 1310, which is right below CS2311.
Actually, we found a little inconsistency in the TPPT setup: for A6, the tppt..initDummy is on UnderMultiUser server, and tppt.tppt.initDummy is on SingleUser server. A6 has been revised to clarify this.
Fixed a typo in A6: "FROM tppt.tppt.initDummy" should be "FROM tppt..initDummy".
I'd like to encourage everyone to do the bonus part of Assignment 6.
Added Slides for Chapter 26 under Handouts.
Added Handout Q2 for Questionnaire2.
Added Handout A6 for Assignment 6.
Quiz 2 statistics: total: 20, max 20, min 10.
Added Slides for Chapter 24 under Handouts.
Added Handout A5 for Assignment 5.
Please fill out mid-semester course surveys at http://www.cs.sunysb.edu/~survey/. Thank you. (Hm, I don't see a link to CSE315 there. I will ask and let you know---OK, the answer is that you are asked to fill out ISE315.)
After saying this at least 3 times in classes, we finally had the first pop quiz in class today. Statistics: total: 20, max: 19, min 2 (the really low scores were because some students came late and did not hear the review). As I said, these quizzes can only affect your total grades positively: if you do well, you can use them for upto 10% of the course grades to reduce the weight of your final exam from 40% to 30% (in fact, even if you do not get ideal grades on the quizzes, doing them will make you better prepared for the final).
Assignment 4 deadline is extended from Tuesday 3/21 to Thursday 3/23.
Midterm exam statistics: average 72, max 98, min 47, median 70.
Added Slides for Chapter 23 under Handouts.
Added Handout A4 for Assignment 4.
Added Slides for Chapter 22 under Handouts.
Internship or full-time employment opportunities for our undergraduate students at Telephonics, Symbol Technology, Softheon, North Atlantic Industries, SecureSoftware, and BASCOM (description).
Added Slides for Chapter 21 under Handouts.
Added Handout A3 for Assignment 3.
Note that, in Handout A2, everything is talking about one person and one year; the Name attribute is the name of the stock or bond.
Fixed the link to the Sybase Core Documentation Set. (Thanks to Ken!)
By extremely rare accidents, I lost some emails since yesterday late afternoon; if you sent me something important and did not get a reply by today, pls resend.
Modified Handout A2: the percentage of increase is clarified to be "over the money in each of the latter kind" and simplified to be "a divided by b". (Thanks to Xingli and Mingcong for their questions!)
By 5pm this afternoon, course accounts for CSE 315 have been activated. All users have also been granted access to the TPPT database.
Added links to Translab and to information about Sybase and JDBC in Translab.
Added links to Sybase documentation, especially for using Transact-SQL and Java.
Added Handout A2 for Assignment 2.
Added Slides for Chapter 20 under Handouts.
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If you have used Stony Brook's Blackboard system previously, your username and password have not changed. If you have never used Stony Brook's Blackboard system, your initial password is your SOLAR ID# and your username is the same as your Campus Net ID, which is generally your first initial and the first 7 letters of your last name (if you have a sparky account, it's your username).

For help or more information see: http://www.sinc.sunysb.edu/helpdesk/docs/blackboard/bbstudent.php. For problems logging in, go to the helpdesk in the Main Library SINC Site or the Union SINC Site, you can also call: 631-632-9602 or e-mail: helpme@ic.sunysb.edu.

Added Slides for Chapters 18 and 19 under Handouts.
Changed classroom from Oldche 116 to CS 2129 (for Tue) and CS 2311 (for Thu).
Added TA information and TA's office hours.
Added Handout Q for Questionnaire.
Added Handout A1 for Assignment 1.
Course page is created with General Information, Lectures Outline, and Requirements.

Annie Liu