Fall 2010
Stony Brook
Software Engineering
Annie Liu
Handout P
Mar. 1, 2010
Due Mar. 5


Each group prepares for a 20-minute presentation for their group project and gives the presentation during classes March 5-12.


The presentation should describe all main items you have worked on; start with introducing your group and roles of members, and end with a plan for completing the project:

-- Your group and roles of members.
1. Problem description: what, briefly, and why, convincingly.
2. Requirement specification.
3. Design.
4. Implementation and testing, and possibly demo.
-- Plan for completing the project.
Item 4, Implementation and testing, is only about the part you completed. Items 1-3 should be about the entire system.


Item 1 plus the starting and ending may take 4-5 minutes, and each of items 2, 3, and 4 may take 4-5 minutes. This is just a suggestion. Feel free to be creative.


Don't forget to give credits.
Speak loudly and clearly.
Each group may have a couple of minutes taking extra questions, if needed, while the next group is setting up.
Everyone will be asked to evaluate every presentation: good, bad, and questions you have.
Presentation slides will be one of the items to include in the next assignment, on delivery.
Demo will be scheduled mid-late next week.


The presentation and demo next week are worth 60% and 40%, respectively of the grade. Item 1 plus the starting and ending is 10%. Each of the items 2-4 is 10%. Style of presentation is 10%. Writing evaluation of presentations is 10%. Extra points may be given or taken for exceptional performances :-).