Fall 2010
Stony Brook
Software Engineering
Annie Liu
Handout D
Mar. 8, 2010
Due Mar. 112


Each group prepares for a 15-minute demo for their group project and gives the demo to the TA in CS 1206 on Thursday and Friday March 11-12.


The demo should start with a brief introduction to your project, followed by a demo of each functionality that you have implemented and a review of your code, and end with a brief summary of what functionalities remain to be implemented.

For each functionality, you can basically follow one or two of your best test cases for it.

For code review, show your overall code structure, and your code size. This can basically follow your implementation report.

You are expected to have finished an implementation for about 1/3 of the functionalities of your system.


The introduction and summary of remaining work should take 2-3 minutes. Demo of functionalities and code review should take about 5 minutes. The TA may ask questions during the demo.


Please sign up for demo on blackboard under the wiki tool, if you have not already.
Don't forget to give credits. Clearly indicate the code that you have reused.


The presentation and demo are worth 60% and 40%, respectively, of the grade. For the demo part, 15% each will be for demo of functionalities and for code review, respectively, and 10% will be for the rest. Insufficient implementations will lost grade proportionally. Exceptionally well developed and well presented demos will receive appropriate extra credit.