CSE/ISE308: Software Engineering (Spring 2010)

Added Handout R for Final Project Report.
Added Handout D2 for Demo 2.
Added links to CASE and CASE tools.
Added Handout P2 for Presentation 2.
Added Handout A11 for Assignment 11.
Added a few questions to Handout A11.
5-year BS/MS program
Added Handout E1 for Preparation for Exam.
Added Handout A10 for Assignment 10.
Added a link to slides for advanced implementation: optimizing OOP by incrementalization.
Added Handout A9 for Assignment 9.
Remember that there will be no class on Friday April 9.
Ubuntu server system has been made available to teams.
Added links to an interactive OCL tutorial and OMG OCL specification 2.2.
Student Contest on Software Engineering
Playing "Pong" with the blink of an eye
YouTube is Hiring.
Have a nice spring break!
Added Handout A8 for Assignment 8.
Assignment 7 due date is extended by two days.
Added Handout A7 for Assignment 7.
Added Handout A6 for Assignment 6.
Added Handout D for Demo.
Added links to a reference and a list of software for object-relational mapping.
Assignment 5 due date is extended by three more days. So yes, you have till next Monday before class.
URECA Celebration of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity
Assignment 5 due date is extended by two days. So yes, you have till Friday before class.
The translab svn server problem is solved: your group name is one of CSE308-01 to CSE308-08, where the last digit is your group index in groups.
Added Handout P for Presentation.
Added Handout A5 for Assignment 5.
As mentioned in class a couple of weeks ago, accounts have been created for students to use both MySQL and Oracle in the Translab.
Assignment 4 due date is extended by one day.
Rational Rose Enterprise Suite 2003 has been replaced with IBM Rational Software Architect Standard Edition. This software is installed on all Translab machines. It is located in the all programs directory in the start menu.
Added links to Allen Holub's UML Quick Reference and OMG UML Resource Page.
For each group, an SVN group has been created on the Translab SVN server, so students in the same group can work more easily on their shared files. Your login is your NetId.
Added Handout A4 for Assignment 4.
Assignment 3 due date is extended by two days. None of you asked for it, but many of you wanted to take it to do better when offered. I am impressed!
Added Projects.
New York Times article: The Dozens of Computers That Make Modern Cars Go (and Stop) (100 million lines of code in Toyota)
Report shows top-paid BS 2010: Lower Average Salary for College Class of 2010 (but computer-related posted highest increase)
Added Handout A3 for Assignment 3.
Added Wish List.
Added Handout A2 for Assignment 2.
Added Groups; wish list will be posted as soon as possible.
Added TA information.
Unfortunately, a few emails from you got filtered by the department spam filter. I don't get a digest of my spam folder usually until a half day later but sometimes a day later, and I might overlook things in it too. If you don't get a reply soon enough, one possible additional way to reach me is to send from a different account.
Corrected a typo in Assignment 1 header: from 2019 to 2010.
Example creative ideas for new software: Ge Wang: New Expressive Social Mediums on the iPhone
For sonic lighter and ocarina described in class, see Chapters 4 and 7.
A report from last week: Agile Development Hitting the Mainstream, Report Says
You may be surprised by how many kinds were described there.
An article from yesterday: No Catastrophes Please, It's Software Modelling
Added Handout A1 for Assignment 1.
Added a link to instructions for using the TransLab SVN Server.
Changed a word in Assignment 9 title: from Analysis to Specification.
Course page is created with General Information, Lecture Schedule, Handout Q for Questionnaire, Pointers to textbook homepage and TransLab homepage, and Requirements.

Annie Liu