Fall 2010
Stony Brook
Software Engineering
Annie Liu
Assignment 10
Handout A10
Apr. 12, 2010
Due Apr. 19

Implementation and Testing 3

Each group is to do a third round of implementation and testing, improving over the previous round, if needed, and completing all the functionalities. It is due before class on Monday Apr. 19.

The implementation and testing work is exactly as described in Assignment 8 except for two issues.

1. Extra credit suggestion

If you used incremental computation principle in optimizing any portion of your code, document it. If you still have portions of code that you think can be made more efficient or more succinct, but you don't know how, explain them.

2. Changes

If you made changes to the implementation and testing work in your Assignment 8, write a description of the changes explicitly.

Requirements on giving credit

For anything in your submission that is not a creation of your group, explicitly include a section or sections containing references and acknowledgments giving credits to the sources.

For any part of your submission that is a creation of your group, indicate who in the group did it; for shared work on a part, indicate who did what percentage. Describe this explicitly in a separate section at the end of your document.


Before due time on the due date, each group should submit their report through blackboard, and include a link to the report on the project web page. Each group should also use the Translab svn server or another server that the TA and I have been given permission and I have given you approval; make sure that you check in all your code as well as your documents and report.

Please also submit a hardcopy of the extra credit part and a description of the changes you made to the implementation and testing work in Assignment 8, to me or the TA before the due time; you can leave it under my door if I am not in.


The extra credit work may earn 10% extra of the grade, or more or less based on estimated effort. The description of changes is worth 5% of the grade. The rest is as distributed in Assignment 8, except that the grade for part 3 is divided between parts 1 and 2. Writing and presentation problems may loose 10%. Not using the svn server may lose 10%. Submissions missing the part on giving credit will lose 30%. Exceptionally well thought-out and well written homeworks will receive appropriate extra credit.