Spring 2002
Stony Brook
Principles of Database Systems
Annie Liu
Project 2
Handout P2
Feb. 28, 2002
Due Mar. 14

Creating Relations / SQL Tables.

Start building our Stony Brook car pooling management system. Get some programming work done. Find and fix problems, old ones and new ones (you always need this part).

What to do? Your task for this project assignment is to create relations / SQL tables for the data required to support the car pooling system.

First, translate the E-R diagram into relations in relational database. You may start with either our sample diagram (see solution to project 1, but ignore the additional info part) or your own (provided it has at least as much information).

Then, write SQL code that creates the tables that implement the relations. You should specify all the required integrity constraints as well. That is, your SQL code should define the database schema.

Finally, write SQL code that loads the tables with data. There will be two groups of data, a small group of specific data and a large group of random data, to be used in testing correctness and performance of the operations later. Precise specification of the data will be given in a separate file later. Please see data.

Get yourself accustomed with Sybase SQL (see the links in the course homepage). You might enjoy a partner to share your experiences. Have fun:)

What to deliver? You need to run your SQL program to create tables and load data for the database. Hand in a printout showing the schema and the content of the database. Please see help. Hand in also a printout of your SQL code, with comments for anything not obvious.

Teams of two. You are asked to work in pairs and stay with your team for the remaining projects. If you want to work by yourself, send me an email with justification (plain ASCII email body please). In all cases, send email to Dipti your team members as soon as you decide. If you have trouble finding a partner, also send email to Dipti, and we will pair the requests up.

Each team should hand in only one copy of the assignment solution; include identification information for both team members.

Reminder: The work you turn in must be done by your team only.